Monday, February 15, 2010

Standing at Attention

I know that President's Day is supposed to be in honor of Presidents Washington and Lincoln and I am whole heartedly behind what these men stood for and mean to the history of our country. But, my mind took a different turn this morning as I drove across the flag-lined Veteran's Memorial Bridge in Bend and saw the rows of Old Glory standing on either side of the street being wind-whipped to attention.

I always refer to this bridge as the Randy L. Newman Memorial Bridge, in reference to LCpl Newman who was a local Marine that died in Iraq in August 2006. Though I didn't personally know LCpl Newman, I highly recommend reading about him(by clicking the link I provided) and what he means to his family, friends and fellow Marines.

And while today is a day set aside for honoring a few of our great presidents, I'd like to think that we are also honoring the great men and women of this country who have and continue to fight for the principals and values those presidents themselves fought for. To those men and women of my home town and throughout the United States who have selflessly given and continue to give of themselves in order to bring freedom and rights to those less fortunate than ourselves, for what it's worth, thank you and you are continually in my prayers.

*Photos by Anne Birky


Tony C said...

Thanks for posting this Anne. As a former Marine, I take the news of a fallen commrade to heart each and every time I read a story.

I appreciate you honoring such a brave, young soul who has been promoted to Glory but never forgotten.

God bless.

katdish said...

Amen. Great pictures, too!