Monday, March 1, 2010

Life of a Wanna Be

There are moments when I think God probably manipulates the way the universe turns so that He can have a good laugh on me. Such as this morning.

If you don't already know, photography is a passion of mine and I've been rather anxious to break in my new wide-angle lens. My son was going to be heading off early on a hunting trip and I had packed my bag with all of my camera gear for a hike up Pilot Butte, which is smack dab in the middle of my town. The intent was that I was going to catch the sunrise as it reflects off of the Cascade mountains and shoot some lovely pictures. Sometimes though, things don't always turn out the way we intend them to.

6:07am - My eyes pop open and I sit straight up in bed because something doesn't seem right. I look at my phone and realize my alarm didn't go off at 5:30 as planned and Killian is supposed to leave in 8 minutes to go hunting. I mutter a word than I'm fairly confident my mother would not approve of and race downstairs to wake Killian up.

6:07:12am - I yell at Killian to 'get up, you have 8 minutes to get ready' and race back upstairs where I turn on the coffee pot and throw on some sweats to spare everyone from seeing my 'couch potato' pajamas and a hat to cover the 'Phyllis Diller' doo.

6:08am - Race back downstairs to make sure Killian heard my first battle cry of the morning and fix a lunch for him to take.

6:10am - Killian announces, 'Steve's here!' and I intently focus on not chopping off any of my fingers as I am trying to slice my way through a bagel with a knife as big as a machete.

6:10:12am - Peer around the corner at Steve and profusely apologize for him having to witness my less than desirable appearance and continue fixing Killian's lunch.

6:12am - Killian heads out the door and I race back upstairs to throw on my hiking clothes and curse the coffee pot for being the freakingest slowest coffee pot ever because the coffee is still not done.

6:15am - Grab my phone, backpack with 100 pounds of camera gear, coffee, keys and dog and head out the door.

6:16am - Close the garage door and am pulling out of the driveway as I realize I remembered the dog and forgot the leash. Pull back into the driveway, open the garage, run into the laundry room, grab the leash and race back out.

6:17am - Finally head down the road doing way faster than I should. Turn on a CD and hear Lady Gaga playing which makes me want to drive faster. So I do.

6:19am - As I near the butte, I have to drive past the police station. I try to be as inconspicuous as I can while driving 15mph over the speed limit. It's a gift, really.

6:20am - Curse whoever designs roads and parking lots at the City of Bend because I have to drive past the turn for the butte because of the divider in the road and turn around in order to get to the parking lot.

6:20:18am - Pull one heck of a 'u-ee' and drive as fast as I can to the parking lot.

6:21am - Jump out of the car, let the dog out, grab my backpack and and decide to run up the butte because I'm running out of time for 'the shot'.

6:25am - Wonder what the heck I was thinking bringing all of my camera gear because the '100 pound' pack is heavy as heck and I am only two minutes up the extremely vertical mile trail and already sucking air.

6:27am - Suddenly realize that the tripod attachment for my camera is still in the Tahoe, say another word my mother would not approve of and decide to keep going, all the while wondering why I took the trail that is way more vertical than the road.

6:30am - Still cursing the City of Bend and whoever decides to close the road to vehicles in the winter while sucking air much worse now.

6:31am - Heading around another corner and saying over and over in my head, 'what the heck was I thinking?' to the rhythm of my feet hitting the ground.

6:34am - Finally turn a corner and the mountains come into view. And the clouds. And the shadows. And the realization that I missed 'the shot'.

6:35am - Open up the backpack and start shooting pictures with various lenses anyways while trying to slow down my heart rate and steady my shaking hands. Eventually, I realize I'm not happy with the photos and head back down the butte once I locate the dog.

9:36am - On my way to the store I glance at the mountains and see the blue sky without a cloud in it, the sun hitting the mountains and I look up at the butte thinking I should be there now.

Such is the life of a wanna be photographer. I wasn't very satisfied with the pictures this morning because of the light and clouds and how they appeared to me when I downloaded them. My only consolation is that the mountains have been right where they are for several years now and there will be plenty of other opportunities in the future for the perfect shot. And the fact that I went back out and gave it another shot.


Wendy said...

I've had way too many of those kind of days myself. Good times. Yeah.

Amrita said...

My goodness that 's a ball by ball commentary as we would say.

You did an excellent job. That photo is a catch.

katdish said...


Those are great pictures. And tomorrow is another day. You cranky ho...Snort!

Helen said...

It's a nice picture anyway. The sun will rise again.

Candy said...

If that's the "fiasco" you told me about, I want more of them in my life. Those pics are gorgeous!

Rebecca on The Homefront said...

Ugh, I know that feeling! But even though the shots aren't what you wanted, it still looks beautiful to me. I'm sure you'll capture even more spectacular shots in the future. :)