Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Remembering Joy

Joy. A small three-letter word that simply means a state of happiness and a source of delight. There are a lot of things that bring me great joy and I have captured many those on film. These aren't just photographs, but a reminder of the many joys in my life.

The mystery of what's behind closed doors.

Old glory waving in the wind.

An old cabin on the river, in the woods.

A rustic chapel where hymns are still sung on Sundays.

The color green.

And blue...

Knowing that the squirrel always wins 'the chase'(and that cracks me up).

Rushing waters.

Little children.

A good campfire that warms my toes.

Street art.

Real whipped cream.


And friends.



Candy said...

What awesome photos, Annie. A few look vaguely familiar :)

YOU. You are joy. Thank you.

Annie K said...

Yeah, all those mysterious doors...huh?! You're awesome Candy!

Helen said...

You take great pictures Annie!

katdish said...

Aw! I want us all to meet so much! Those pictures are amazing. Especially of Boz dog.

Hi Boz!

katdish said...

Happy Cinco de Birthday Annie!

Annie K said...

Thanks Helen!

And Boz says 'hi' Kat. Thanks for the birthday wish!

Amy Sorrells said...

LOVE the street art. All these pictures brought me JOY. Thank you, Annie!

Marni said...

I love the pictures of Boz Dog. He looks so hopeful :-)

Happiest of happy birthday sweet friend!! Love you mucho.

And I'm with Kathy. Let's write Oprah and see if she'll bring us all on her show to finally meet. Someone else do though--I don't like Oprah.

Joy said...

Beautiful photos! Heard a rumor on Twitter that today's your birthday, so happy birthday too!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Annie! Hey, don't we have the same plastic surgeon?

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! Happy happy birthday, Annie.

Meeting everyone would be very joyful! I agree, no Oprah.

Barbara E Brink said...

Beautiful photographs! I liked your theme of Joy.

sherri said...

The two of you look wonderful! I am SO JEALOUS!