Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Ridiculously Irritating Irritation

There must be a full moon or something because I am irritated today – at little dumb things that don’t normally irritate me to the extent that I’m irritated. I was totally convicted of my irritation and how I let it seep out when my husband pointed out how overly-harsh I was being when I replied to an email he sent.

I hate when I have to be convicted like that. It’s that little God-tap on your shoulder and he’s saying ‘Uh, Annie K, check the ol’ heart there sistah – it’s looking a little on the sketchy side right now.’ Darn it if my humanness doesn’t get the best of me sometimes. Thankfully God has put people in my life (gracias Juan) who can ever-so-subtly and lovingly put me in heart check mode when I need it most. Now that is a ridiculously excellent thing.

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