Thursday, July 17, 2008

You've Got to Like Your Spouse

I know married people who don’t like their spouse - which is quite sad really. I happen to like my husband, a lot. I know that you’re supposed to marry someone who you love, cherish, and share similar interests, dreams and goals with and yes, that is important. But I think it’s a pretty big deal to like your spouse.

I’ll admit that at times he’s stubborn to the max, frustrates the heck out of me and I can get ‘mad-seeing-red’ at him. But I throw enough grief his way to make up for those times so I guess we’re pretty even as far as that goes. Honestly though, I think the biggest reason I like him is because we have so much fun together. We have the same sense of humor, think a lot alike, have great conversations, share similar interests and are even one of those ‘I can finish the others sentence’ kind of couple who have our own secret handshake. Corny? Maybe. But through all the good, bad and downright ugly that we have been through, by the grace of God we still really like each other. And that, most definitely, is a very cool thing.

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