Sunday, September 20, 2009

Facing The Rapids

Today was a much needed day off and like most late summer weekend days, I felt the river trail calling to me. So I loaded up the dog and set off for a hike that allowed me a few hours of quiet and solitude.

As I was walking along the river I could tell when I was nearing the rapids by the sound of rushing water. And while rapids are a beautifully dramatic sight when viewed from the safety of a river bank or from behind the lens of a camera, they are not so enjoyable when one is trying to navigate them in life.

We all have seasons in our lives when the waters are a little rough, much like rapids, and at times, probably feel as though we're being tossed around in the current, fighting to keep from being pulled under. As hard as these times are, I believe we need the rapids in our lives to stir up the silt that has settled into the nooks and crannies of our hearts.

The past few years I have experienced many moments of 'silt sifting' brought on by feelings of failure, guilt, disappointment, frustration and discouragement. The past few weeks are no exception and as difficult as it may be to face these things, it's a necessary process that we must go through in order to deal with whatever we've allowed to settle in our heart that has no business being there. I believe we will never go through rapids that are too big to handle and as uncomfortable, trying, difficult or scary as these times are, we are never left to navigate the rapids by ourselves.

Sometimes, that is hard even for me to remember, and in the moments when I begin to feel the water creeping over my head I sense the hand of God holding my chin above water as the rapids swirl around me. I know that when He said, "Don't be afraid; just believe," it was a promise that not everything is going to go my way and be easy but that He will be there to restore life to my soul. (Mark 5:36)

Sometimes it seems like life is one, long, dangerous Class V rapid with no end in sight. But, we have to remember that even though the rapids may be long, at the end of every rapids lies still waters.


Helen said...

I hope the tranquil waters are near for you, Annie. Peace. If you want to share, you know my email address. If you want to talk on the phone, you can let me know that, too.

Sarah Salter said...

Amen, Annie!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

And beside those still waters your soul is restored. Peace to you, my friend. Keep Boz at your side as a wonderful reminder of how unconditionally faithful God is, and how we can find peace when we just flop at His feet.

Billy Coffey said...

Keep your grip strong and your eyes ahead, Annie. Those calm waters are just around the bend.

Beth said...

Just a beautiful analogy, Annie, and one I need to hear every day. So glad that God's got us and sound!

katdish said...

That was beautiful, Annie. Praying for you, my dear friend.

Amrita said...

I got overwhelmed by an emotional rapid this evening.I want the calmlake.

Thank you for this Annie.

sherri said...

Wonderful Analogy.

Doug Spurling said...

Still waters run deep, washed deep and clean by the pouring in of the rapids.

Jesus said as he entered his "rapids" ..."My peace I leave with you."

I pray God grant you deep still waters of peace and comfort.

Beautiful post. Thank you.

D. K. Stangeland said...

great post but I'm really lovin' the new photo!! Hot Mama!

Warren Baldwin said...

I feel like I'm in rapids now! Nothing bad, just scheduling dilemmas. This was a good post.

I'm still visiting from Catdish. This is a very good blog.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Annie, So nice to "meet" you here -- via katdish.

You know, those rapids can be a doozie ... Being surrounded by dependable friends has gotten me through my fair share of rapids -- not only on dry land but on the real river.

I nearly fell out of a river-raft in Colorado this summer, and some good friends reached out to pull me in. One of them was my husband. I needed them in my raft on the river. And I need those same kind of people in the raft with me in my everyday, dry-land existence on this ol' Iowa farm, too.

May you find still waters ahead, sweet Annie ... And may you be surrounded by friends who'll travel those waters with you.