Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New York: A Rainy Day 2

Because of the rain, we decided to forgo Ellis Island (I'm hoping for a clear enough day so I can get some great pictures of Lady Liberty from the ferry) and instead head up to Central Park and take in some Museums.

We hit the subway, got our MetroCard and headed up to the American Museum of Natural History. Besides walking, which is the best way to see things in this city, if you're going to travel anywhere the subway if the way to go if you want to get somewhere quickly. There are a lot of interesting people on the subway and I'm pretty sure I saw John Lennon. Many of the people were wearing tennis shoes. My mom commented on this and I reminded her that we both got new shoes out of my insistence that no one wears their Nike's around this city.

The American Museum of Natural History is huge, covering four blocks and holding over 30 million specimens and artifacts. According to the folks in line behind us it's nothing compared to the one in Chicago. This one had plenty for us to see and we didn't even get through the entire museum. There are dinosaurs, forests, ocean life, gems, planets, African history and animals, a planetarium, IMAX theatre and much, much more.

Next stop was Rockefeller Center, which is smack dab in the middle of THE shopping district (also where NBC Studios is located but I was more interested in finding the FoxNews studios) and close to Radio City Music Hall. We did go into Saks Fifth Avenue where we were approached by a gal who insisted she spray us with some new 'grassy' perfume that 'everyone is wearing'. Celebrities must stink. The one store I wanted to go in, Michael Kors, is by appointment only. Apparently my personal assistant forgot to call. She's fired.

Saint Patrick's Cathedral is awesome and my indoor pictures can't do it justice. It's okay to use a flash inside but I felt uncomfortable with that. Primarily because people were there praying, and lighting candles and I didn't feel right interrupting their private moment with God by shooting off my flash to get that perfect picture of the Cathedral. The stained glass is incredible as well is the architecture so if you do ever visit Rockefeller Center, go across the street to the Cathedral. Totally worth it.

We did go to the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art and I have come to realize that I do not appreciate much of it. Either some of those artists were crazy, on drugs, or both. We did see Cezanne, Monet, Picasso, van Gogh and few other Impressionists. I did like the photography display, especially the black and whites that depict life in such a simple way. If I could figure out how to make millions off of painting crooked squares on canvas I totally would. Or, by creating stuff like this fur covered spoon and cup... When I saw this, all I could think about was all that fur in my mouth. Ack. (See, I'm such a realist with very little room in my brain for the abstract.)

Today, it's pouring rain so we've decided to head down to SoHo and Greenwich Village and see what we can find. I hear the shopping is excellent.


katdish said...

I can appreciate some abstract art, but the fur cup is making me want to go and brush my tongue.

Hope the rains clear up for you!

Helen said...

What a most interesting way to try and keep one's tea warm!
Have fun with Lady Liberty! (Don't go taking her for margaritas and getting her tipsy. She has to hold that torch straight!)