Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New York: World Trade Center, Greenwich Village & SoHo

We've decided to play this entire trip by ear because we make plans to visit someplace and then don't end up there. Like yesterday, we decided to head to Greenwich Village, which we finally ended up in, but we started out riding the subway all the way down to the World Trade Center site. The site itself is hard to see because the fencing is completely covered by a mesh-type material with future plans of the site on it. However, the view of One World Trade Center and the building progress is rather spectacular. Not only is it humbling to see, but it definitely sends a message to the world that America is determined to rebuild.

We also passed an empty lot with a fence that was covered in decorated tiles and are dedicated to all those not only affected by 9/11 but who want to make a statement about the will of America to persevere.

We eventually ended up in Greenwich Village at Washington Square Park where the squirrels are extremely aggressive and probably rabid. One gentleman, who let me take his picture, was feeding the squirrels peanuts and they were going nuts (I crack myself up). At one point he was actually bitten by a squirrel who apparently mistook his finger for a peanut. Yep, squirrels are all cute and whatnot until they get rabies and start going for body parts.

We walked up to SoHo and past the film crew that is currently shooting MIB 3. No sign of Will Smith, but he's probably keeping a low profile after all the residents started hating on him for parking his 57' trailer on their street. Apparently his ego is as big as his trailer. Celebrities, sheesh. We oundd a great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that served up an awesome margherita pizza and we ate the whole thing. All that walking makes a gal hungry.

I did get to see a cousin of mine who I haven't seen since I was a little girl. She happens to be in town on business and treated mom and I to dinner, where I had the best cannoli ever. What a great time we had catching up and hopefully we won't wait another 35 years to do so.

Today, it's off to Brooklyn with a friend of my folk's. I'm in search of the best knish in town. I hope they serve that thing with gravy, but if not, I'm okay with that too.


Rebecca on The Homefront said...

I'm just catching up on your trip, but it sounds and looks amazing thus far! I can only imagine some of the feelings you've had while visiting sites like the World Trade Center. I think that tile says it all for me: "Those who have died for their country will never be forgotten. Their sacrifice will live now forever in the hearts of all who cherish freedom." Wow.

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Helen said...

How wonderful that you met up with a cousin you haven't seen in a while!

Marni said...

Those city squirrels cannot be trusted. The ones in DC will "accidentally" bite your finger if you aren't fast enough with the snackage.

I am loving your updates and photos. I'm glad you and mom are having a great time!