Monday, May 9, 2011

Running Amok in New York

In approximately 4.2 days(who's counting) I will be flying out to New York City with my mom where we will spend nine whole days celebrating my 40th birthday. It's a gift from my parents and if that doesn't qualify them for mom and dad of the year I don't know what does. Even without the trip they are the most awesome parents ever and if you try to debate me on that I'll leg drop you faster than the 'oof' can escape your lips. Just kidding. Okay, maybe not.

My first concern about running amok in Manhattan for over a week was my wardrobe. And shoes. Mainly because we will be doing a heck of a lot of walking as I plan to eat my way from SoHo to the Upper West Side and on over into Brooklyn. From what I've read, (and I believe everything I read) New Yorkers don't wear tennis shoes (how gauche) while out and about so I took my mother shopping for new shoes, because we will not look like hicks from the sticks while we are there. We now have some fabulous footwear and won't have to endure any pointing and laughing. I also used this trip as an excuse to invest in some new clothes and while dithering over what to pack realized that a small part of me is either concerned what complete strangers who will never see me again will think of me, or I'm just vain. Probably the latter.

I found a great little studio for us to stay in (because hotels are way too expensive) and we will be parking ourselves in Chelsea. Come to find out, Chelsea is known as the gay and garment district. I told mom, "Well, we won't have to worry about men hitting on us and there will be plenty of awesome shopping."

Probably the one thing I look forward to the most (besides the food) is going to Ellis Island. I have been in deep discussions with my dad about this and the thought of walking the same path that my dad's parents walked over 90 years ago as they departed the ship and stepped onto Ellis Island is a pretty big deal. He had their names engraved on the American Immigrant Wall of Honor and I already know where I will find the Szabo's and Kozma's.

Mom and I will also walk the Brooklyn Bridge, take in a Broadway show (Billy Elliot), shop, visit Central Park, see the Met, try to get my mom in the same photo frame as the Naked Cowboy, visit Ground Zero and spend a day sightseeing with a friend of my folks who lives in Queens - and promises to take us out for the best knish ever. What's a knish? Seriously, I had to google it but after seeing what it is, I wish there was a Jewish bakery here. Oh yeah, and my cousin, who I haven't seen since I was a little girl will be in NYC at the same time so we'll meet up with her.

Hopefully I'll be sharing my trip as it happens, but I'm a really lame blogger anymore and my brother said tweeting is gay. Which kind of cracked me up given where we're staying. Of course I'll be riding the Twitter like the subway. You're welcome.


katdish said...

Can't wait to live vicariously through you via the twitter! Get some Chinese food. Amazing.

Candy said...

Take lots of pics! And don't let them sell you that bridge. Can't wait to hear about your trip.

Helen said...

Have fun. Though I don't know why ANYONE would choose New York of Chicago. Do you know what special feature Chicago has that New York doesn't? ME!


Have a safe trip!

Marni said...

You are going to have SUCH a blast. Have a great time sistah!!!! :-)