Friday, August 8, 2008

Dang, I Met The TooTightyWhitey Blogger

There are some ridiculous people out there. Seriously, I encountered the tootightywhitey blogger. I mean this guy needs to switch to boxers or something. I'm just saying.

What is it with bloggers who can't handle a comment that doesn't necessarily agree with their anti-whatever rants? I make one little comment based totally on fact to repute what he has to say and he responds with a rant that is obscenity laced, factless and he has to make sure and tell me what a 'B' word I am just to make his point. Dude, you are so lucky that you have no idea just how much of a 'B' word I can be (yeah, just ask my husband..wink, wink.)

Get a handle on it. You're ridiculous.

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