Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lovable vs Unlovable

My day started out today with the crushing realization, when I was moments from arriving at work that I left my brewed to perfection(yay Jon!) steaming hot to-go mug of coffee sitting on my kitchen counter. Since I refuse to do drugs, coffee is my addiction of choice and because I am obsessive compulsive about having my coffee in the mornings I had to make a pit-stop at Starbucks to get my fix. Isn't it funny how we let the small things like that rule us? So what happens when we let the big things rule us?

I think a big thing that rules us is not liking and loving people and I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I know several people that I don't like and really don't want to love and my crummy, prideful humanness has made it easier to not love than to love. It's easy to make excuses as to why I can't or won't do the one massively huge, seemingly impossible thing God tells me to do (love the unlovable).

For whatever reason, other people can just be mean, ridiculous, hurtful, spiteful, irritating and unforgiving. I've known people who finger point at me while throwing out bible verses and 'f-bombs' and that's using God as a weapon(is that when you move out of the way for fear of lightning strikes?). I've used all those things and more as an excuse to not love others and I was totally convicted of it this morning when I was reading my devotion. One thing in particular that caught my attention was, "the person we dislike is still a soul for whom Christ died." That is a whoa statement if I ever read one. I have been the receiver of much more of God's grace than I deserve and so have the one's I don't want to put an effort into loving. But to do any less than give my best at that seemingly impossible task would be to minimize the grace I've so graciously received.

God didn't say we get to pick and choose who we love, he made it very clear that we are to love those we find easy to love as well as our enemies (UGH!) and the not-so-lovable.

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