Thursday, August 21, 2008

The New Passion

So, my daughter has suddenly developed an intense passion for dirt biking and because she has inherited my ‘Ultimate Adventure Gene’ along with ‘The Faster the Better Gene’ I’m not too sure I’m thrilled about this. When she was ten, I bought a snowmobile and she took a liking to that because ‘Look mom, I can do over 50mph on this thing’, and she did. So when she tells me she’s going riding, I do the responsible mother thing and give her ‘the talk’ about being careful and smart and not doing dumb things, yada-yada, but I still send up a big ol’ prayer for her.

I must admit that is one of the things I really love about my daughter. She is crazy and ridiculously adventurous and not afraid of anything. She is willing to learn new things, so she is out in the garage with her step-dad changing spark plugs, oil and clutches (uh, don’t ask). And, I have a hard time not allowing her to do something that she is developing a passion for. I tried to limit her to riding in the back yard because that is oh-so-safe, but I realize I need to let her ride where there are no fences.

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