Sunday, August 10, 2008

How About Booty Instead?

So I'm on my way to church this morning with my 12 year old son and we're having a nice chat about his upcoming first-ever deer hunt in which he can legally, because of his coming of age, slay his first deer should one happen to stand long enough in front of the oncoming arrow. Anyway, as I passed Alpenglow Cafe I noticed the reader board on the side of the building of what used to be the Elks Lodge. I'll admit that I was a little shocked to see "I See You Baby Shakin That Ass". Now I don't know if the act that is performing (based on the name, which I can't totally remember but I think it had the word Metal in it) is Metal, Rap, Stand-up, Donkey Basketball, whatever. And maybe that is one of their songs, or the title of the show - I have no idea. But isn't it a little crass to use the word ass on a reader board in downtown Bend? I'm just saying.

I know that in the summer at any given time there are approximately 89,347 tourists visiting our lovely town. Approximately two-thirds of those are children and probably 50% of them were eating breakfast at Alpenglow Cafe this morning(that place is always jammin' when I drive by on Sunday's - they must be serving up some mean grub). And, I don't know if that reader board is really a great way of promoting our downtown. As a side note, my PC disclaimer is, I have never been to that place and I have no opinion whatsoever of the food, entertainment, management and I am not knocking this place. I'm just making an observation about the sign.

I was thinking that maybe for the sake of classing up the sign you could replace ass with booty(I never thought I'd use class and booty in the same sentence). When I think of booty I usually have an image of some black rappers who are surrounded by scantily clad women with large posteriors and are dancing around 'shakin' their thang'. If that is not the type of act that will be performing perhaps you could make an exception just this once and make booty work.

I was going to include a picture of the sign but thought that would be too much sensationalism and give them more attention than I'm already giving them. And maybe I'm the only one that was slightly taken aback by this, but my votes for booty.

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