Friday, September 26, 2008

Miss Independent

Miss Independent
My daughter passed her driving test today and is now ecstatically in possession of a driver's license. She couldn't wait to go home and get the other car so she could finally drive on her own.

We had the 'no cell phone while driving' conversation with the obligatory 'I know' from her and of course I threatened to take away everything but her right to breathe if I found out she was using her cell phone while driving. There is a law that kids can't drive with anyone outside of their immediate family for the first six months that they have their driver's license. I told her I don't want to hear that she suddenly has a bunch of brothers and sisters that attend school with her.

I am pretty confident in her driving as she has a lot of common sense and seems at ease behind the wheel. But it's still a little scary having my first teen driver and now, she is that much more independent of me...

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Wendy said...

My oldest has had her license for 2.5 years, and I still freak a little everytime she drives away. She loves the independence of driving, but not the dull things like buying new car batteries and getting oil changes.

Now I'm teaching the next oldest. I'm going to wear out the floor of the car trying to slam an imaginary brake.