Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti Devastated

The reports I've seen on several networks show a country that has be devastated. Bodies litter the streets, buildings have collapsed, homes are destroyed, people are wandering around dazed and searching for loved ones that are missing. There is no food or clean water and desperation is setting in.

Delivering the basic necessities and getting medical attention to the people of Haiti is a difficult task as the roads are blocked from earthquake debris and the airport was heavily damaged. There is an urgency to move quickly before unrest strikes Haiti.

My heart is heavy for the people of Haiti and I have made a commitment to do what I can to help. I have listed a few organizations below that have relief efforts in place and where one can make a donation to help. I know there are many other organizations that are helping in the relief effort and feel free to leave a link in the comments section if you'd like.


Campus Crusade

Compassion International

The Red Cross

You can also visit my friend Sherri at Matter of Fact, and read her post on Hope For Haiti.

*AP Photo


Amrita said...

I am glad you made this post Annie, God bless you.

The stories and images from Haiti are almost unbearable.
Lord have mercy is my prayer.

sherri said...

Thanks Annie, for helping to spread the word.

My heart is heavy too. Overwhelmed, is more like it.