Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Sherri!

Today is Sherri's birthday. Who is Sherri? Well, she is this incredibly fabulous, crazy, 'dynamite comes in small packages', big hearted type of gal who has a rather eclectic little blog called Matter of Fact. I strongly encourage you to go over there and wish her 'Happy Birthday!'. And take her a nice pair of stilettos while you're at it cause she loves her some stilettos.

And Sherri, for your birthday enjoyment, some incredibly fabulous shoes.

(Because you like to chat as much as you like here's something that allows you to enjoy both hobbies! You're welcome.)

Who says 'Gold' boots aren't in?

Oh, whoops. Wrong Stiletto...

Happy Birthday Sherri! I hope Big Al treats you right!


katdish said...

Happy Birthday (again) Sherri!

Those are some lovely street walking shoes! Do they come with their own pimp?

Amrita said...

I add my greetings here. god bless you Sherri

Billy Coffey said...

I'm so glad I'm a guy, because I'd freaking kill myself in those things.

Happy Birthday, Sherri!

sherri said...

Annie- the shoes are PERFECT! I LOVE (and must have) the shoe phone! ANd the stiletto Nike shoes!

Thank you- Love the thoughts!