Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What A Miracle And 20 Years Will Get You

I know you've all been waiting with great anticipation and the day has finally arrived where I was able to harvest my first zucchini of the season. While some may mock me (I think Jon rolled his eyes when I grabbed the camera to take a picture) because growing a garden seems so trivial, it is quite an exciting moment when all of my hard work, sweat, tears, curses to the Central Oregon weather(not only did I have to deal with frost, but there was hail that wreaked havoc this year), planting, re-planting and throwing crap around (compost is crap folks) comes to fruition. And the most awesome thing is that in a week or so, I'll have enough zucchini to feed 5,000. Someone want to bring the fishes and loaves? Because my garden IS a miracle.

This past weekend was my 20th high school reunion. While many of the people still live in the area, it is a rarity for me to run into them because apparently Bend is just that big now.

I'm still close with a few and Jon is especially glad that Nan (my Mexican friend) and I are good buds, because 'mom' had family dinner on Sunday and she made Sopas with spicy shredded pork. And homemade refried beans with chorizo. And black bean salsa. And meatballs with red sauce. And green salsa. And homemade tortillas...(And yes, we called each other an coordinated outfits because that's what we did in high school. Okay, not really. We just happen to both dress kind of fabulously, I guess.)

And it's crazy to be good friends with someone you've known since you remember knowing someone(she's the one in the middle). And it's even crazier that you sang songs together in a little ol' Nazarene church in front of the congregation and now she's marrying a really cool guy who tickled the ivories for The Belagio in Vegas. (And we get our own private concert when we hang out together!)

And then, your really wild-fun friend(that you went to school with from first grade on) from Wyoming shows up and you start talking about when you both lived there and the crazy snowmobile rides: "Remember the time I rolled the sled, we got it turned over and I rolled it again? And then the Sheriff came and we were stuck and he got us out. And we finally figured out we should get helmets and goggles because that would keep our heads warm and the mascara from running. Good times." And it's pretty much one of those things where you start right back up where you left off. Those are true friends.

And it's always good to be friends with your hair stylist. Yes, I have been her most loyal customer since we were 19. Or so says me.

And yes, the Friday night gathering brought out the wild in some folks and Nan and I are both raising our eyebrows at someone who had taken liberties with their spirits a tad too much. I don't need to say more because the look on our faces pretty much says it all. (Ok, this picture just flat out cracks me up.) **And whoever comes up with the best caption for this will win a prize. Seriously. I'm feeling generous.**

I promise that my next post (in the near future) will be something that's more like eating a steak than sipping blended peas through a straw. It's just been a crazy few weeks and I honestly haven't felt the creative spirit hanging out in my space. I know, it's like I'm on blogcation or something. I'm sure it's the hundred degree weather and the fact that my office is upstairs and I have no air conditioning.

Well, it sounded good anyway.


Wendy said...

Congrats on the zucchini! I'm always excited when I can grow something without killing it and it's even edible. I totally get it. Other people look at me like I'm weird, too.

sherri said...

Zucchinis are beautiful but not half as perty as you!

You look just like Kenzi in the last photo!

Hmmmm....I'll have to think about a caption, I'll get back to you.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

What do we win, zucchini? They are beautiful, by the way. Perhaps you'd like my recipe for fake crab zucchini cakes?

Caption: I got nothin' - that picture needs no words! But you look mah-velous.

katdish said...

You are so beautiful, Annie - nside and out. The matching outfits cracked me up!

Beth said...

Sherri you beat me to it! I was going to say you look like Kenzi in that picture, too!

Helen said...

Growing a garden is not trivial. There is nothing that tastes as wonderful as a homegrown pepper or tomato.
I am glad you had fun.
I agree with Sherri and Beth about you looking like Kenzi in that last photo.