Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Dad

This is my dad, with three of his grandchildren (the other 13 were up in the game room). Now, I know every kid thinks they have the best dad in the world, but I really do. Here's a few reason why I love my dad and think he's so awesome:

* Dad has no problem telling me he loves me.
* Dad loves all of his grandchildren, and especially likes giving them big ol' hugs.
* When I'm around dad we have a great time and there is usually a lot of our big hearty laughing going on.
* Dad would do anything for anybody.
* Dad has lent a helping hand to me and my kids more times than I can count.
* Dad is still traveling the world and doing what he loves (I think his wanderlust comes from the Hungarian in his blood. I'm sure there were some gypsies is the family).
* Dad loves having the whole family together and I can see the pride he has for his family all over his face.
* Dad taught me a lot about work ethic.
* Dad has loved and been married to my mom for over 45 years.
* Dad loves the Lord and has spread His love through missions.
* My dad never really liked animals, but for some reason became extremely attached to Boz. Boz loves going to visit grandpa.

This picture was taken as dad was 'walking me down the isle'. I remember this moment because right before, we were joking and laughing and I couldn't stop as I walked out the door. That's the way it is with my dad. We really have a great time together and this picture about sums it up.

Happy Father's Day Dad. I love you!

PS - I hope you'll remember today to say a prayer for all of the military fathers who can't be with their families today because they are serving their country overseas.