Friday, June 5, 2009

Really, There's Nothing Here

It's Friday and I'm glad for that because I really have nothing to write about. Seriously, the most exciting thing around here has been the weather and the fact that those silly little cukes in my garden are coming up (sorry, Matt but you will never live that one down because that is the best comment I've ever gotten.) Looks like we'll be in for another humdinger of a thunder/lightning storm tonight and which we've been seeing quite a bit of the past few days. From the sounds of it, a lot of the country is experiencing the same thing.

We had the craziest little wind/rain/hail storm yesterday and if I lived anywhere remotely close to Kansas I'd call it a tornado, or maybe a hurricane if I lived on the sunny beaches of Florida. But I don't, so I'll just say it was a freakishly high gust of wind that blew our neighbors trees down and some miscellaneous fences here and there. Luckily my tender little garden sprouts survived the 5.2 inches of rain (or so it seemed) that we received in as many seconds. Now, if we can just avoid the frost.

It's late and I've got to get my son over the hill(and by hill I mean drive him over the mountain so he can visit his dad) so this is as good as it gets today. I hope you have a fabulous Friday and thanks Helen the Hungarian, you sassy little pants you for the totally awesome cat. No, really, thank YOU!


Boz said...

I saw the cat and I ain't happy.
Cheater woman.

Billy Coffey said...

I got hit in the head by a chunk of hail yesterday evening. I was trying to be all Jackie Chan and make it from the truck to the porch untouched. Then, BAM. I swear it felt like God Himself threw it at me.

We've had storms lately, but that one must have been like the one you had yesterday, too.

And that picture ROCKS.

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Oh my gosh. That pic of a cat w baby mice crawling all over it still has me shuddering.

All I can think of is how they have GOT to be part of the monkey/squirrel/et al conspiracy to take over the world.

Any animal that can get a CAT to submit is formidable indeed.

Beth said...

Random alert: A new cat adopted us this week. Frank named him Marshmallow, so I guess we're "keeping" him. Which means we're letting him eat from our real cat's dish outside. He's a little cuter than this one, though...
I really really hope it's a he. Because if it's a she and I have to deal with kittens, I will NOT be happy.

So there's my exciting news for the week. The cats are slowly taking over my household...beware.

Helen said...

As Steph pointed out and Beth has confirmed, cats and mice have gone over to the dark side now.

katdish said...

Do you ever wonder if normal people read your blog and think to themselves, "What kind of crazy @$$ company does this women keep anyway?"

That picture does rock.

Annie K said...

Boz - you're grounded from the internet. Have you been getting into my tequila?

Billy - we already know 'you da' man' so you don't have to try to prove it again by running through a hail storm.

Steph - I know, huh?

Beth - that cat was sent, I'm sure, to take over your world. They do that.

Helen - It makes me want to yell, 'DON'T GO TOWARDS THE LIIIGHT!'

Katdish - They said that before the blog...

Michelle said...

That photo creeps me out but you don't!!!


Amrita said...

we also had a rain storm yesterday, but again its hot and humid.

what a cat!

D. K. Stangeland said...

Oh man, we lost our fence and almost lost our huge aspen tree. I had a flash flood in my back yard and lost my most beautiful lettuce plant and a couple of pepper plants, but everything else came through like champs. I swear that was a tornado. I'm glad you felt it too.

Let's party together again soon!

sherri said...

Loved that photo!

I thought tornados could happen anywhere if the conditions were right. Am I wrong? Have you really never had a tornado in Oregon?

Anonymous said...