Sunday, May 31, 2009

NASCAR, Smokey Burnouts And A Garden

My house is totally silent right now. Everyone is gone and all I can hear are the trees moving in the wind as a storm threatens to blow in. I love the quiet times like these because I find much peace in the still moments of life.

It was quite a week that was full of ups and downs, drama, prom, reflections, disappointments, anticipation, stress, eye-rolling, laughter, tears, an exhausted dog and a mom who put her foot down. Let me just highlight a few.

**I know, it's hard to believe this extremely meek soul would dare to put her foot down, but I did. It has to do with a certain level of respect that I expect children (or anyone for that matter) to have when they are in the confines of my home, be it in person, or phone. Of course I won't go into details as to protect the 'innocent', but let me just say, there are some kids out there that need a good mouth washing.

**My kids have experienced a lot of disappointment in their lives. Not just normal kid-type disappointment, but real life tough-stuff disappointment. It has happened as divorce, parents not getting along, step-families that didn't blend very well, friends who haven't acted so friendly, a less-than patient mom at times, bad choices, bad grades and a cherry on top. My sister-in-law was sweet enough to remind me that the disappointments in life are never as big as the cover of grace that we have extended over us by a God who is really, really big. And now I'm really bummed that she is moving back to Virginia, because she is full of awesome advice like that. And I'll miss her.

**Last night was my daughter's prom and she looked pretty darn cute. So did her boyfriend. She told me the best part of the evening was coming home and her and Kyle sitting around, listening to three adults tell crazy stories about a 95 Caprice and smokey burnouts. Yes, we know how to show kids a good time.

**Teenagers. Drama. Need I say more?

**Teenagers. Eye-rolling. Need I say more?

**My brother and his family are heading back to Virgina(the one with 12 kids...and counting) and we are really going to miss them. We got the whole gang together, played some wiffle ball, had a BBQ and discussed the audacity of the person who suggested that NASCAR remove the Confederate flag. Telling NASCAR to remove the Confederate flag is like suggesting the Dukes of Hazard drive a ford Pinto (yes, I purposely didn't capitalize the 'f' word. I'm a Chevy girl.)

**I am in extreme anticipation that this is going to be the best year of gardening yet. I've currently got 25 potato plants that have popped up, some rogue carrots going strong and hopefully I should see some lettuce, spinach, onions, cukes, zucchini, squash, pumpkins and radishes peek through any day now. Oh yeah, and beans.

I know it's short, but it's Sunday and the rain is starting to fall. To me, that's a good show to watch, so I'm going to go sit under cover of the deck and enjoy the spring rain as it works it's magic on my garden. Grow little seeds, grow!


sherri said...

Why didn't you post pics? I want to see Kenz in her dress?

Can you imagine having twelve teenagers? (I realize they won't all be teenagers at once, but they'll still end up raising twelve of them!)

NO thanks.I'm full.

I love the rain too, and Big AL and I will sit out on the front porch even in a storm. (We stayed inside during the inland hurricane though. That one got a bit rough!)

Beth said...

Wow, that IS quite a week!

Oh...prom...oh teen drama...I am NOT looking forward to those...well, my daughter looking cute for prom, yes, but all the headaches that go with it??? Frank and I were pretty big brats as teenagers and I can't imagine what our children will try to pull. I think it's amazing that any of us grow up to be adults!!!

I'll be praying for your bro and fam as they move back. I hate good-byes. Too sad.

Your garden sounds so well thought out! Ours is so random. The corn is doing well. The beans seem to be doing well. The tomato plants died already. I have one unidentified plant?! A random pumpkin vine sprung up from when we threw it on the mulch pile last yeah. My garden is about as organized as my house!! :) But in our defense this is the first year that we actually tilled up a spot in the yard and are trying this.

Annie K said...

Sherri - Oh yeah. Forgot the pic. And next time you have an inland hurricane, just duct tape yourself to the front porch and hold on. That's good times.

Beth - I have some rogue potatoes (we look like Idahoans with all the potatoes we have growing). I don't plant tomatoes. They never do well. But zucchini, I can grow zucchini like a mad woman.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Gardening is one of the best parts of summer! Sounds like it's off to a good start. But what are cukes?

Billy Coffey said...

Matt - What are cukes? Seriously?

Annie - I'm sorry that your sister-in-law is moving away, too. But if she had to move somewhere, then Virginia's the best place to go. Hands down.

And wiffle ball, a BBQ, and NASCAR? Were you all at my house Saturday?

Hope this week turns out to be a little more full of those quiet moments.

Annie K said...

Matt, what Billy said.

katdish said...

CUCUMBERS, Matt! Sheesh!

And yeah, we want pictures.

Michelle said...

Hi Annie K how are you pretty lady?

Annie K said...

Doin' awesome Michelle! Hope you recovered from the half-marathon! (I'd have literally crawled over the finish line...!)

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

According to the internet, 'cukes' are cucumbers, but that can't be right. No one would give cucumbers such a silly name!

小貓咪 said...
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