Sunday, May 17, 2009

That Pansie Isn't A Sissy But Boz May Be

I spent yesterday in the trenches. Potato trenches that is. The folks came over and we spent the morning digging trenches and planting potatoes and we even planted some cabbages. These are the only things that will survive the frost that will no doubt plague me sometime around June 26th. I have learned from experience NOT to plant sissy vegetables that can't handle a little ice, because then I just have to re-plant. So, sorry zucchini, squash, tomatoes...while I dearly love you, it's just not time yet for you to be a part of my garden family.

When I garden, I really get into it. I mean REALLY into it. Like I don't wear shoes to garden. I wear flips. (I was going to say thongs, but then 'someone' would've made an inappropriate comment *ehem* and insinuated I'm out in the dirt in just a thong or something.) I usually end up covered head to toe in dirt. I'm not sure how it happens, but I guess I'm the PigPen of gardening.

So, here's the garden. It looks a little sad right now, but eventually the sunflowers will be lining the fence and I'll have a sea of green going on. It will be wicked awesome for sure.

I also got some flowers planted, bushes trimmed, threw down some seed in the bare spots... you know, stuff I should've done in the fall but was too lazy to do. The yard is looking pretty good.

And notice the dark green spot? Jon thought it would be funny to spray paint the yellow patches. Uh, wrong shade of green, honey.

Oh, and those little yellow 'flowers' (aka Dandelions), they should be very afraid for their life. I am coming after you and you are going down!

This may look like just an ordinary pot with dirt, but make no mistake. This is going to be one awesome basil plant. (I have to plant it in a pot so I can bring it in at night. Basil falls under the 'sissy' category, if you know what I'm sayin'.)

And you know what this is? (Besides a pretty kewl picture.) Apple blossoms. You know what that means? Venison. Yep, food for all the stinkin' deer that come into my yard, eat my prized roses and poop all over the place. Good thing Killian has his hunting license.

And this little guy, this is a pansie. You know what is so ironic about the pansies? They aren't sissy flowers. They can actually handle the frost. Touche.

And of course, the Boz Dog with the pansies. Funny thing is, he kind of is a pansie. But he's a happy one and is worth a good laugh. Oh yeah, and he's kind of cute. (Jon entered him in an online dog contest. I'm sure he'll win.)

So, I'm dirty, my shoulders are red, it's hot(t) outside, which means I'm hot (but not with two t's), and I'm tired. Actually, I kind of feel like this:

And Boz didn't even do anything but sit on the porch in the shade...

I think I'm going to go finish my book (I'm reading The Dark Tide by Andrew Gross...really good) and maybe enjoy a cold juan (that's how Jon refers to a beer). I hope everyone had a spectacularly enjoyable weekend and I'll cya on the blogs.


katdish said...

he-he (she said THONG!)

Oh, c'mon! You wouldn't have brought it up if you didn't want me to say anything!

You go girl! Beat that dirt and weeds into submission!

Hi Boz!

Michelle said...

Love the photos!!

Love Boz!!!

Love and miss you!!!

Helen said...

You really thought we would say something dirty about gardening? hehe....thongs....

I should be gardening, but now that my back is feeling better, I am actually trying to beat the inside of my house into submission.

Beth said...

Awwww...Boz...we can't get enough of that dog!

My pathetic excuse for a garden actually has some things growing in it: Corn (hard to screw up), green beans (also hard to screw up), and three itty bitty tomato plants (they might not make it). And I haven't killed the few flowers I planted yet. It got pretty cold here last night, so we'll see how everything looks this morning... :)

Billy Coffey said...

I've never really thought about how nice it would be to be a dog. Then I came here and met Boz.

That's a nice little green thumb you have. And the spray-painted yard? BRILLIANT.

My wife and I spent all weekend planting our garden. Then we get up this morning and it's about 29 degrees.


Annie K said...

Katdish, now how in the world did you come to the conclusion that I thought YOU would say something inappropriate?

Michell, hey girl!

Helen, I would hate to be a dust bunny in your house.

Beth, I don't plant corn. It's usually not knee high until late August...

Billy, Boz lives the dream. Right now he is fast asleep on my bed chasing squirrels in his dreams. And cold springs are why I plant very little until July...

sherri said...

Boz is just too cute!
Now let's add two more !! (He's a 3 !!! kind of dog)

I started an herb garden and the only thing that is surviving is my chives. I think I will purchase some that have already started growing.

Spray painted yard...hmmmm

Don't let Ron Popeil get a hold of that idea! He'll be selling it .

Amrita said...

I likr your buzz Annie, lots of hard work you put in your garden.Pray for a good harvest.

Boz looks really pooped out.