Thursday, May 7, 2009

Things I Observed This Week

It's Friday and I'm off to the valley to listen to my daughter's high school choir sing at a college. (For those of you who don't know what 'the valley' is, it's a very wet place about three hours from my house. It constantly rains (or so it seems). They have greener grass than we do over here in the mountains, but I'll take sun over green grass any day.) It's been a crazy week and I'm anticipating the three day weekend, so-to-speak. Maybe I'll finally be able to catch up on my blog reading/commenting/twittering/Facebook. I know you all are missing my extremely deep, enlightening, humorous and sometimes sarcastic comments. Ok, probably not as much as I think.

To get the weekend started, I thought I'd share with you some things I observed this week.

1. I really do have kewl blog friends who know how to do up a birthday the right way. I had more hits (on my blog people...on my blog) than ever before and a lot of total strangers just stopped in to give me a big ol' happy birthday. How awesome is that.

2. I realized I am my own worst critic and that it's a habit I need to break.

3. During the jury duty selection process you can not yell 'I object your honor' while being questioned by the lawyer.

4. Tequila is either really good or really bad. There is no in between.

5. Love IS buying your spouse a new coffee grinder. (OK, it was probably because he didn't want to hear me talk mean to the old one anymore.)

6. It is not a good idea, during jury selection, to state your name and the words 'I grow pot' in hopes of getting out of jury duty.

7. I think Jimmy was right when he said, 'love doesn't conquer all.'

8. Having Honey Bunches of Oats in the house at all times helps to avoid conflict.

9. My mom makes the best strawberry/rhubarb crisp. Period. (You can argue this one with me all you want but you will not win.)

10. God isn't finished with me yet.

Have a fab-o Friday and folks, I am outta here.


Billy Coffey said...

I would like to hear more about number three, please.

I'm going to try the Honey Bunches of Oats thing. That really does seem like a good idea.

Being your own worst enemy is tough, because when have you ever listened when you've told yourself to shut up? If you're like me, never.

And Jimmy says thank you.

sherri said...

I love these. I loved the shouting of I OBJECT YOUR HONOR!

Hoping you were kidding, but truly, I would LOVE to do that.

Is pot growing legal in Oregan?

Billy, you raise a good point.
i NEVER listsen to myself when I say shut up...or anyone else for that matter.

Helen said...

Of course we missed you!
The next time I have jury duty, I may or may not follow your suggestions.

Debbie said...

cute post!!!! :) I am so glad that God is not finished with me either!! and I would agree that LOVE is a new coffee grinder!!:)

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Annie, I'm with you on being my own worst critic...and tequila. Except that it's always bad. There is no in between or 'good' about it. Just awful.

sharilyn said...

will you share (or will SHE??) the strawberry rhubarb crisp recipe?!?! i LOVE rhubarb!! though, here in CA i have to pay a fortune for it whereas when i was a kid, i picked it out of the yard (in MI!)!

Annie K said...

Billy - let's just say I wasn't picked for the jury. It was more effective than 'I grow pot'. Seriously, a guy said that.

Sherri - it is NOT legal here, but the greenies in Eugene keep pushing for it. For medicinal purposes of course. And because no one commits crimes while high on MaryJane. (Hello? What about the great Twinkie caper of 76'? What do you think caused those munchies?)

And I should learn to shut up when I tell myself to. It would be wise in some situations.

Helen - you should just try it. It's fun.

Debbie - the world would not spin without freshly ground/brewed coffee.

Matt - the guy that said he grows pot also said alcohol is evil. Huh? (That's what I said.)

Sharilyn - I will get you the recipe. ;)

katdish said...

Yes, we've missed your quiet, demure words of wisdom. Hurry back!

P.S. - Say hello to the shiny vampires for me!

Michelle said...

#10 ROCKS!!!

I love you ANNIE K!


Beth said...

I totally agree with the Honey Bunches of Oats theory. And the love= a new coffee grinder theory. And def number 10.

I would also DIE for some strawberry rhubarb crisp right about now...

Amrita said...

Of course I misss your comments Annie.

Happy Mother 's day