Monday, May 11, 2009

What He Said

My friend Sherri threw down a challenge to all of her blog buds and it goes something like this: Ask your spouse to answer honestly several 'loaded' questions about yourself and call it a good time. I have been putting it off because I was feeling overly insecure and slightly moody last week and was afraid of how Jon would answer the questions (I don't know why, because it's not like he's going to be a jerk about it - he's not like that). But last night I finally worked up the courage to ask Jon these questions. (When I told him what we were doing I think the words 'Uh-Oh' came out of his mouth.)

It was actually pretty funny, enlightening, and surprisingly, I learned a few things I didn't know. The cool thing is that there were no hurt feelings or ruffled feathers by the time we got through the questions. Just some wicked-crazy laughing going on. And as Sherri has requested I am going to write down the actual answers. I apologize in advance in case I offend anyone. Just sayin'.

What is my comfort food?
Jon: Mexican
Anne: No big shocker there.

If money were no object, where would I go on vacation?
Jon: A remote place in Mexico.
Anne: You know me so well.

How do I feel about housework?
Jon: Get it done.
Anne: Yeah. I'm kind of a neat freak Ninja that way.

What is my least favorite household chore?
Jon: I don't know. Laundry or dusting maybe?
Anne: Laundry? I am like Zena when it comes to battling laundry. But dusting...I hate dusting....

What brings me the most joy?
Jon: Mexico
Anne: (thinking to myself) Ok, I am not going to get 'Mother of the Year' because he didn't say 'your kids' and now I appear to be all about myself. But if my kids were with me in Mexico that would bring me great joy. Good recovery (bowing and blowing kisses as I accept my award).

I have a Saturday night without any commitments. How do I spend it?
Jon: Eating Tacos al Carbon at El Caporal.
Anne: I'm beginning to see a recurring theme here...

What is my greatest gift?
Jon: Your heart.
Anne: My heart? What do you mean?
Jon: Where your heart is.
Anne: Oh, ok (shaking my head yes and acting like I really get what he's saying).

What is my greatest talent?
Jon: (smirks) That thing with the flip.
Anne: (starts laughing) The thing with the flip?
Jon: Yeah. The flip thing.
Anne: Oh good lord.

What do I enjoy doing the most?
Jon: (smirks..then laughs...) That thing with the flip.
Anne: (laughing) Hmmm...I have to be honest and post these answers you know.
Jon: That's what you said.
Anne: That's what she said.

What is my greatest fear?
Jon: Failure of any kind.
Anne: Yeah, I'm not a gracious failure. (*thinking* This may be a wrong answer. I will be condemned because it's not 'something bad happening to my children'.)

What is my biggest pet peeve about others?
Jon: DTP
Anne: Wha...?
Jon: You know, DTP. Democratic Thought Process
Anne: Wha...?
Jon: (giving me the 'duh' look) You know, democratic views, thinking like a liberal. DTP.
Anne: (*thinking* Crap. I have friends who are Democrats that are going to know their views annoy me.) So, not like arrogance or dishonesty or something like that?
Jon: (Giving me 'the look')
Anne: Ok, DTP...

What is my favorite book of the bible?
Jon: Uh...Psalms or Proverbs?
Anne: I like Psalms.
Jon: Psalms is like the fluffy-girly book and Proverbs is like the 'guy-book'.
Anne: I avoid Proverbs, especially Proverbs 31 because I can't live up to being that woman.
Jon: Then stick to Psalms.
Anne: You are a wise man.

What do I hate most about my body?
Jon: Well...(starts talking like a southern Billy Bob) you talk about your fat buuuuutt, your fat belly and your flaaaab handles.
Anne: (laughing hysterically)
Jon: (laughing hysterically but guy-hysterically, not girl-hysterically)

What is my best feature?
Jon: Your heart.
Anne: Smiling. (*thinking* Good answer. He's lucky he didn't say my teeth.)

What is my most annoying habit?
Jon: (long silent pause)
Anne: Uh, honey, I know it's a tough decision but you only have to choose one.
Jon: Uh, that Hungarian food chomp thing you do.
Anne: What? I chomp my food?
Jon: Yeah.
Anne: Like this? (makes very quiet chomping noise)
Jon: No, more like this (makes louder chomping noise).
Anne: Like all the time?
Jon: Uh...not all the time.
Anne: It's probably just when I'm really hungry. (*thinking* Great, Jon has a lovely hearted wife that eats like a pig.)
Jon: Umm...not necessarily.
Anne: Oh. (*thinking* Note to self: quit eating like an annoyingly oinktakular pig.)

What do you like best about me?
Jon: The whole thing.
Anne: What do you mean?
Jon: There's not one single thing. It's the package. Everything adds up to one thing - the whole package.
Anne: Ohhh...I like that answer. (Big smile and showing my very nice, white, straight teeth.)
Anne: I really chomp my food?

Ok, that last question was not on the original list, but I just threw it in there to see what he'd say. I'm tricky that way. It was such a great answer I gave him some bonus points.

So who's next?


Billy Coffey said...

Oh you have a good man there. Which is fitting, because he has a good lady.

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Okay, I guess I gotta do this. It's just that Charlie is so ...wordy... (it's the writer in him) that it could take up 2-3 posts.

Hey. That right there is a good reason to do it. Solution to my writer's block. ;)

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Got somethin' against a good set of teeth, Annie?

And dare I ask what a "flip thing" is?

You and I could eat our way through a delightful Mexican buffet so well - if I could avoid being annoyed by the Hungarian food chomp being done to an innocent taco.

Beth said...

What I like about you and Jon is that you always seem to be having a good time and a good laugh together...

Steph, I was just thinking when I ask Frank these questions, we'll probably get through about 2 questions before we get off track and start talking about something completely unrelated or somebody will need may take me 2-3 posts just because it will take 2-3 days to find that much uninterrupted time together! :)

Bob said...

I'll get to it. I am still plotting on how to, I mean get,,,him in front of the icamera with me to do a taped interview....which I might have to cut short if he freak too much.

Michelle said...

Yeah the flip thing?? What is that and I hope he is referring to your hair perhaps??

Because I don't want to know what the flip thing may be, umm lets say in the bedroom???


I'm just saying!!!

Love ya lady!!!

Tony C said...

That's good stuff. I'm going to give it a try with the wife.

The'flip thingy' adds an element of intrigue to this whole post...hmmmm.

katdish said...


The flip thing is awesome. I'm still working up the nerve to interview Ron...

Helen said...

Okay, I was sure I signed Bob out and commented as myself. I wonder how many other blogs I...oh, whatever....

sherri said...

I think he did rreally well, but you do realize that your best feature being your heart, is a pretty close secind to saying "You have a great personality".

The flip thing just has me baffled and is creating all sorts of visuals. I'm sorry.