Monday, July 13, 2009

Boundaries (By Jon, Not Me)

I've been trying for months to get Jon to blog and 'exercise' his gift of writing (which could be read as nagging. But, seriously, it's the only thing I nag about). He told me today that he's been trying for several months to write about certain things, but everything seems to come out negative. I replied (as he was making the 'tongue sticking out face' and I gave it right back) that perhaps he should try focusing on positive things in his writing and see what happens with the outcome. Yes, we are very mature people when it comes to discussions such as this.

I do think that writing is one of the hardest things ever and because of my severe writers block at times, I can understand what Jon is going through. I have read much of what Jon has written and believe it is worth sharing. He has graciously allowed me to share this with you and I hope he will do so with more of his poems. If you are a parent (or soon to be), might I suggest reading these words of wisdom...


Be there for them. Sometimes they just need you to listen.
Open your heart. Let them see the real you.
Unconditional love. Don't ever let them doubt your love and commitment.
Never go back on your word. If you say you will do it, do it.
Discipline. Teach their hearts right from wrong.
Always follow discipline with love.
Remember they are not yours. But angels on loan from God.
In good times and bad...Love them with all of your heart.
Eventually you have to let them make their own decisions. Right or wrong.
Sometimes, even when you want to be their friend, you have to be their parent first.

JB 2000


Shark Bait said...

Good Post
Really on spot
Even though I don't have any kids
At least not mine :-)
Truer words never spoke.

Annie K said...

Shark Bait, you are very, very clever. :)

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Love this! Are you handing out do-overs? I could use a couple.

sherri said...

Tell Jon he's a wise, wise man! So sweet that he would let you post his thoughts here.

Because of his few words,Big Al could only write Haikus, and that would be stretch!
(Although he did enter a caption in my Silly Saturday contest! Did you see? I was SHOCKED!)

Annie K said...

Candy, I know that 'do-over' feeling. Luckily kids are very forgiving.

Sherri, yes, Jon definitely has some wisdom to share. And I did see Big Al 'step out of the boat' and throw out a caption. He's livin' on the edge Sherri!

Billy Coffey said...

You gave Jon some good advice there Annie, because this is great. I'm printing it out and it's going on the refrigerator. That's about the biggest compliment a redneck can give someone's writing.

Annie K said...

Billy, Jon will have his poem on the fridge of a nearly famous redneck writer? Now that doesn't just happen every day!

katdish said...


That was awesome, really. I would put it on my refrigerator, too. But it's stainless, and nothing sticks to it.

I hate that...

Way to nag, Annie.