Monday, July 6, 2009

Reflections On The 4th Of July

My 4th of July was rather uneventful, probably because there weren't any kids around. My son is in Virginia for the whole month visiting my brother, the one with 12 kids (hey, what's one more?) and my daughter was off doing her own thing.

I headed down to the annual Pet Parade to meet up with my parents and after watching the parade for an hour realized that apparently all 80,000+ residents of Bend had brought their dogs down to be in the parade. There were a few horses and chickens, but I've never seen so many dogs in my life. Boz didn't really care about the other dogs, he was more interested in the small tree I was standing under. Seriously, male dogs...

When I got home, Jon and I sat on the front porch discussing this(Bend is just not small enough for me anymore) and that(the Hope Road Trip idea and how to go forth with that - if you have any ideas or people in mind please let me know) while drinking a LeBatt's. He didn't think it was very patriotic to be drinking a Canadian beer on the 4th, and with nary a Bud in sight we decided to head down the road and ended up at our favorite Mexican restaurant where we proceeded to enjoy some Pacificos. (I know... I know...)

We rented the John Adams HBO series and decided to watch the first CD before climbing up onto the roof to watch the fireworks. We are heading into part V (that's 5 in case you don't know Roman numerology) and let me just say what has been on my mind:

- I am extremely thankful that our founding fathers were willing to go to great lengths, even if it meant dying by treason to sign the Declaration of Independence.

- Because they did so, as I stood in church this morning I was overcome by great emotion as we sang The Star Spangled Banner.

- I know without a doubt that MY founding fathers had a great faith in God and HE is what this great nation was founded on.

- The cost of freedom is great and it started when the Pilgrims first landed. It continued through the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World Wars I & II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and countless others that we, the citizens of the United States have been involved in. And I believe we have the freedoms we do because millions have paid the ultimate price. And to those, I am extremely grateful.

- I am a traditionalist. Give me One Nation Under God, Apple Pie, Chevrolet, Hot Dogs and In God We Trust. (And real whipped cream. Not Cool Whip, please.)

- Our founding fathers fought hard for what they believed in. This country is 'of the people, by the people and for the people.' We have the right to fight for what we believe in.

As I watched the fireworks from my rooftop last night I couldn't help but think how grateful I am to live in the country I do. I don't agree with the current administration's politics or moral views, and I may not be very happy about where I think this country is headed but it's those who have paid the ultimate price that have guaranteed my right to voice my opposition. To those, I am eternally grateful.

And to those serving overseas, who have left their wives, children, mothers, fathers, extended families and friends behind, let me just say thank you for your service and dedication to a cause that is far reaching beyond America. It is the cause for freedom. And you are fighting for it.


sherri said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! A Mexican restaurant on AMerica's birthday? Oh well, I drove around in my European car that was purchased in America from an American used car dealership. It's the circle of love- it's all good.

Helen said...

" Our founding fathers fought hard for what they believed in. This country is 'of the people, by the people and for the people.' We have the right to fight for what we believe in."

And THAT's why people from all over the world come here...(For which I am grateful, because otherwise I would have never been born---my dad would not have come to America, met my mom, etc...)

Beth said...

A pet parade? Strange....

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Good point, Beth.

Since when does Independence Day call to mind a dog in an Uncle Sam hat?

Rye rahnt ROO!!

Billy Coffey said...

Amen, Annie!!

I loved that John Adams series. Really, really good stuff.

I'm a traditionalist too, which is why I don't think I can come here anymore until you get some Bud in your refrigerator.

Annie K said...

Billy, Does Bud Light Lime count? Because I have some of that.

Helen, ditto on the family thing. I wouldn't be here if those Romanians and Hungarians hadn't gotten on the boat!

Beth, it's one of those crazy traditions that's been going on since dirt was invented.

Steph, that is funny as heck!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Oh I love parades. I love pets. A pet parade would be cool.

Please, no hot dogs. Funnel cake?

katdish said...

Freaking awesome post, Annie.

Good reminders. And did you dress Boz up?