Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Man In Search Of Hope: The Hope Road Trip Part 2

I'm not sure what I expected would happen after sharing my encounter with Jimmy* (not his real name) last Thursday, but it certainly wasn't what happened the following morning. In case you haven't read about how I met Jimmy I encourage you to read Part One.

Friday morning, prior to work, I posted a link on my Facebook of the blog post that told about my encounter with Jimmy. Honestly, I was somewhat hesitant to do so because I tend to avoid 'promoting' my blog on Facebook. But the 'prompting' I felt outweighed the hesitancy and up went the link.

Within an hour of posting the link, my phone rang and it was my brother.

"Scotty. What's up?"

"Annie. What are you doing?"

"Oh, you know. Living the dream. You?"

"I'm heading to work."

"Guess you're living the dream to huh?"

"You know it. (chuckling) I read your Facebook this morning. The story about the guy that came into your work yesterday."

"Oh, yeah. That kind of bummed me out."

"You have his name and number right?"

"Yeah. What's up?"

"Well, I know a gal that runs an outreach program and I'm going to send her an email about this guy. I'll include the link to your post. I think she can maybe help him out."

"Wow. That would be cool."

"Yeah. I'll call you when I hear from her."

Two hours later, my phone rang again.


"Annie, I talked to my friend and she wants this guy's name and number. She said she thinks she can help him. She knows of some programs for people with disabilities and may be able to put him to work doing some things for her outreach program."

"Seriously? That is awesome."

I gave my brother Jimmy's information and asked him to keep me posted if he heard anything else from his friend.

Saturday, my brother called me back to say that his friend had contacted Jimmy and was going to have him come out and do some volunteer work for her. Because she runs a non-profit, she can't afford to pay him, but she is going to contact some other organizations on Jimmy's behalf in hopes of finding employment for him.

I'm excited for Jimmy and am very thankful for people who are willing to help a fellow man. Perhaps Jimmy will find the job he so desperately desires and I'd like to believe that there is a glimmer of hope in Jimmy's eyes now.

All because someone will, indeed, give him a chance.


katdish said...

Good for you, good for your brother, good for Jimmy.

Yay God!


First comment? That almost never happens...

Peter P said...


Candace Jean July 16 said...

What blessings you and your brother are to Jimmy. Still hope, always hope. We give up hope, we have nothing.

Thanks, Annie.

Helen said...

That's great!

Mare said...

Yeah Annie!!!!

Billy Coffey said...

That is so awesome, Annie! This couldn't have happened unless you were open to God's prompting. It would have been easy to shake your head, say life's tough, and move on.

I'm glad you didn't. And I'm sure Jimmy's glad, too.

The Homefront said...

Thank goodness you followed that's wonderful to know that so many people are reaching out to this man.

sherri said...

I'm telling you Annie, you are going to be used to bring hope and help to many hurting poeple. Starting...NOW!

Wendy said...

Part one made me cry. Part 2 made me cry. Stop it already! So glad that Jimmy is getting his chance.