Friday, March 13, 2009

Boyz+Skateboard+Teddy Bear+Fun Hating Neighbor+Cops = Good Times

**I made reference to this in my last post and Steph has asked me to elaborate somewhat. I am happy to. It is these particular moments that I find extreme pleasure in parenting and realize I am just a kid at heart.**

I'm not sure who came up with the idea this particular day, but when I heard the giggling coming from outside, I looked out my office window to find my son and stepson with a very large teddy bear tied to a skateboard with a gazillion feet of fishing line. Now I have witnessed this game before. One night when we were sitting around the fire pit at some friends house all of our kids (7 of them) had decided it would be a good idea to tie a rope around a stuffed bunny rabbit and when a car came down the road someone would pull the rope while another chased after the rabbit. Even the policeman that drove by had to roll down the window and laugh at the kids just having a little bit of fun. (Oh yeah, did I forget to mention I let my kids - all teenagers by the way, play in the street?)

Irresponsible parenting you say? Perhaps. And I won't be offended if you don't send me a 'Mother of the Year' plaque. But I am OK with kids being kids and having a little bit of fun as long as no one is out 'tagging' buildings, vandalizing schools or shooting out car windows with BB guns. So let the kids have a little bit of fun I say and it gives me a good laugh too. I'm selfish that way.

Anyway, on this particular day I had an inkling of what the boyz were up to and so I did what any responsible parent would do. Went back to my cleaning. It was a few minutes later that I heard the sound of a diesel truck idling and peeked back out the window to see the teddy bear doing a lo-crawl (or being pulled by fishing line) across the front yard. I recognized the neighbors truck from a few doors down and thought maybe there were some friendly point and laughs going on. Was I mistaken.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood amongst the carefree. I am not. Apparently, my neighbors whities are a little too tighty and Mr. & Mrs. Sunshine did not see the humor in two middle school boys antics that afternoon. So, I made my way downstairs and out the back door to where the boys were hidden behind the fence. I got the lo-down, told them not to tick anyone else off and went back inside. (I know, I just did what any responsible parent would do. Send the award already.)

So back upstairs to cleaning and a few minutes later the boys come bustin' up the stairs laughing and saying something about the bear being heisted. I look out the window and there's Little Miss Sunshine walking away with the bear. And miles of fishing line wrapped around it's neck.

I'm not sure who called Jon first, because my though was 'dang, I'm gonna have to go down there and get that bear back. I know, I'll let Jon do it.' Anyway, he was alerted to the situation and happened to be on his way home. Just as he's driving by the neighbors house, said neighbor steps out into the road, makes him stop and she says, 'Excuse me sunshine, would you pull into my driveway so I can talk to you.' (Said in her best Joan Crawford 'Mommy Dearest' voice). Apparently Jon DOES NOT like being called 'sunshine', told her no and drove home.

So, as the boyz are telling Jon the whole story and I'm trying to stay composed, I notice a Sheriffs car in front of the neighbors house. Wha...? Are you serious? Kids are shooed inside as a Deputy pulls up in front of our house. She opened the trunk, took out the bear (with fishing line still tightly wound around it's neck) and walked down our driveway. It was at this point that I realized the hilarity of the situation and started laughing uncontrollably. Now the Deputy was very professional and the only thing she said, while trying to keep a straight face was, "Well, what they did wasn't against the law. Maybe they could just keep the bear on this side of the road." (She did not laugh, or roll her eyes. I promise.)

I was still laughing uncontrollably when she walked away and for those of you who know me, you know I have a very loud, distinct laugh. It's possible that the neighbors, who were outside at the time heard me. Probably why they still don't wave when I drive by.

Luckily, the bear was not harmed and it now rests peacefully on a shelf in the closet. Until next time.


Helen said...

Wow. The Sherriff, huh? When mom was using a walker and home alone in the daytime, we had neighbor kids who liked to play "ding dong ditch". I politely asked them not to do that, politely told them why we didn't enjoy the gag, and that next time I have a talk with momma. They apologized and promised it wouldn't happen again. It did, I caught them, they begged me not to tell momma, and I told them that while I like to show mercy, I also like to keep my word, so I will have to think about it. Every time I said good morning to their momma, you could see the look of fear on their faces. And if I said "I have been meaning to talk to you" to her, and then proceed to tell her about neighborhood happenings, like the village picnic....too funny.....They stopped playing ding dong ditch. I didn't tell momma. It never even occurred to me to call the police! What ever happened to knowing your neighbor well enough to politely deal with their kids directly? I don't mean yelling or punishing. I mean a polite "please don't do that."

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Yay! I'm glad you shared that.

I totally would've done that as a kid!

Must be fun to still live near the Sunshine family.

AND I just realized that you said you have two middle-school boys in your house?!

The neighbors probably just think you're insane.

Annie K said...

Helen, I don't think neighbors really care to get to know each other anymore...unfortunately.

Steph, between Jon and I we have FIVE (5) teenagers...13, 13, 16, 17, 19. We are nuts. Seriously.

Diane said...

I don't get it. Maybe I misunderstood but the bear was in your yard, right? Why was she even upset at all? Sounds like Ms. Sunshine needs to buy some new, bigger granny panties.

I'm lucky... I live on the greatest street. We have small backyards, so from spring through fall, neighbors from about 8 houses hang out together in our front yards, in front of various firepits, with wine and beer some nights, for cook-outs other nights. The kids all play together and run rampant from yard to yard, and they are always scootering or biking in the street. It's an old-fashioned neighborhood :)

Beth said...

Hmmm...I remember propping up a giant bunny by the road with my friend and we made it wave to all the cars passing by....sometimes we dressed him up with sunglasses and scarves and such.

Good times...

No police were involved.

Annie K said...

Diane, the boys pulled the bear along the street and then into the yard. Yeah, she came in our yard and heisted the bear. Not sure why she got so upset.

I want a neighborhood like yours. That sounds awesome.

Beth - HA!

Helen said...

She went into your yard to take your son's toy away! Maybe you should have filed a tresspassing complaint, or had her charged with stealing. Claim you had his college fund stitched in there and it's gone. Get her charged with a felony. Then again, maybe not. Escalation is not the answer, but what a witch!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness Annie K!! I guess unfortunately most people on earth do not have a sense of humor.

I think laughing is so great. Your neighbor clearly has no sense of anything really.


Your funny and your kids are funny. I am glad you got Mr Bear back safely!!!!

sherri said...

Great story. Too bad the uptight neighbors didn't think so.

Do they have children?

DO they ever smile?

Are they stuffed animal activists?

Helen said...

Sherri, Good One!