Monday, March 30, 2009

A Horse, A Cat and A Bad Perm

I came across the huge box that has all of my old photos in it. They are from the glory days of high school(I use that term loosely) up until a few years ago. Lots of memories in that box. Kids as babies, celebrating birthdays, camping trips, horseback riding, spending time with friends, being goofy, family shots, places we've lived...the memories with each picture came flooding back. I finally found the picture (that I thought was lost forever) that is one of my most favorite of my kids and me. We were camping and I think this is summer of 2001. Cute huh? The kids, I mean.

While going through the pictures, I realized some things that I was completely unaware of while being on the lens side of the camera.


1. Contrary to popular belief, I was not popular in school. I know from this picture it's hard to believe. But I did rock the perm and sweaters. (And yes, Tam has been a friend of mine since first grade. How cool is that?)

2. One of my most favorite places in the whole world is with my friends Cowboy Bob and Eli (in picture), who live on a cattle ranch in Colorado Springs. It was because of spending time at the ranch that my daughter proclaimed at 3 years old that she loved Cowboy Bob and wanted to marry him.

3. I was always destined to be one of the Magnificent 7. (Yes, this is on the ranch and that is Pikes Peak in the background. Can't you hear the theme song?)

4.Every now and then, like once a year, Steph and I would let our kids get dressed up and run amok through the neighborhood. Good times.

5.Sometimes, it's just the simple things in life.

6. Even though I've made mistakes, I still want my kids to be able to look up to me. Always.

So if you posted a picture of a past memory, what would it be?


sherri said...

You were and ARE beautiful.

Love these pics and especially the one of you in the tree.

Way to make 'em look up to you. I love that.

My favorite pic are ones of me kissing my babies.

Beth said...

I LOVE these. For some reason it makes me nostalgic and my kids are littler than yours in these pictures! How does THAT happen?? Playing with your kids has got to be one of the best parts of being a mom.

Anyway...hmmm...what picture would I share? I don't know if it still exists somewhere, but Frank took a picture of me when we first started dating...we rescued a big drink cooler from the dorm trash...ahhhh, romance...anyway, the picture is me sitting on the cooler.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Ohhhh, I was just thinking about digging out old pics. I even went down to the basement and located the box. Of course it's buried under and behind a dozen other things. So if I'm lucky, I'll unearth it by 2010.

I'd like to find the pics of me in high school. Just to 'be real' since I'm sure y'all are putting me on a pedestal.

Helen said...

Too bad I don't know how to upload non digital photographs. I feel little motivation to learn. ;-)

Nice pictures of you and your family.

katdish said...

Awwww! My favorite one is with the cat, but they're all pretty darned adorable!

Michelle said...

You freaking rock Annie!

Your gorgeous and so are your kids!

My favorite photos are all the ones of myself because I am undeniably stunning right??

Great post my friend!

Amrita said...

those are fun photos

Billy Coffey said...

What great pictures!

There's nothing quite like digging up some old and semi-forgotten photographs, buried in our "stuff" like treasure.

My favorites? The ones from when I was a kid. If I only knew then what I know now...