Monday, April 6, 2009

50 Years Strong

This past weekend marked the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Jon's parents. I think in this day and age that is a pretty monumental achievement. Not just to be married for 50 years, but to actually still LOVE and enjoy the person you're married to.

I don't know if Jon and I will make it 50 years. Only because I'll be 84'ish and he'll be pushing 90. And honestly, I don't know that I want to live that long to see the what the state of the world becomes. I kind of hope I've either passed away peacefully in my sleep or been raptured by then. I guess I'm just weird that way.

Jon and his sister had a party for their parents yesterday and I have to say it was a pretty awesome time. Jon's mother has been in a nursing home for the past several months due to an extremely debilitating stroke. She is completely dependant on others for her every need and lost the ability to communicate. What she didn't lose was the ability to laugh and smile, follow conversations, and give Jon's dad 'the look' when necessary. As I made the rounds yesterday, chatting with some I know and some I don't, I made a few observations:

1. After 50 years, Jon's parents are still in love.
2. Family IS so important.
3. True friends can pick up like it was yesterday even if you haven't seen them in year.
4. People DO remember the good stuff.
5. You'll never really know about the 'good old days' unless you ask.
6. Old family photos are priceless (and kind of embarrassing).
7. The 70's and 80's were a fashion nightmare era.
8. Laughter is contagious.
9. 'Old' people can act rather silly and crazy (this is a fun thing to watch).
10. Jon loves me.

Should Jon and I make it 50 years, I sure hope the retirement home we're in allows wheelchair races. We're kind of crazy that way.


Diane said...

Awww... wish them a Happy Anniversary from Blogland!!

Billy Coffey said...

Fifty years. Wow. That's quite an accomplishment given that most marriage nowadays barely last fifty days.

And you're not weird for wanting to either have passed away peacefull or been raptured by the time your turn comes around. I'm like that, too. This world tires you out sometimes, doesn't it? If not your body, then surely your heart.

Annie K said...

Thanks Diane!

Billy, yes I do get worn out by this world. I just see where it's going and what my tax dollars are spent on and it can be downright frustrating (not to mention that politically / economically I live in one of the lamest states...) But seeing all of the family and friends puts what's important in perspective.

Beth said...

I love 50th anniversaries. We had big parties for both sets of my grandparents. They are very different in style...but all four love God and love their spouse! And I think I'm about the only almost 30 year old out there who still has all four of my grandparents living and relatively healthy. I have a wonderful heritage to be thankful for. Sounds like Jon does, too!

Michelle said...

WOOHOO!!! Wonderful 50th anniversary!! I love to hear stuff like that! It amazes me to think a couple have been together that long and are still madly in love!! It pretty awesome.

Annie K I hope you get to have wheelchair races with Jon. How cool would that be? Who would win??

And thank you so much. For just being you!!!

Annie K said...

Beth, that is so cool that you still have grandparents around. My kids are really close to theirs - and it is awesome. And yes, Jon has quite the heritage (jello w/ carrots..hehe!).

Thanks Michelle - you're a great gal yourself! And I would win...we're both ultra-competitive, but I could smoke him with my 'kick' at the end!

katdish said...

Ron's folks have been married for almost 60 years. Truly amazing.

Do you remember that show "Night Court"? There was one episode where an elderly couple was brought into court for fighting in public. When it becomes clear that this couple, who have been married for over 50 years, hate each other, Harry (the judge) asked them, "Why don't you just get a divorce?" To which the wife replies, "We wanted to wait until after the children were dead."

Sorry, I'm going to have to go with Jon, because I bet he could find the right parts to pimp out his ride.

katdish said...

After reading my comment, I feel the need to point out the fact that the 3 statements offered therein were completely and totally unrelated to one another in any way. (You probably already figured that out, cuz you know how I am, but I didn't want everyone else thinking I was a tool...)

Annie K said...

I already knew that Katdish. I just know how you are. It's all part of the package.

sherri said...


I'm thrilled she was able to see everyone and enjoy herself.

The points you made were all so true.

I bet the two of you will have wheelchair races...and still be wanting a little sumpin, sumpin in your Easter baskets!

and katdish- you did separate the random thoughts by paragraph, so it works. I do it all the time. Throw in a few typos, and people would get us confused! (Scary, huh?)

Helen said...

God bless them! Happy Anniversary to them.

I agree about wanting a nice, peaceful death rather than see the world go to h-e-double hockey stick in a hand basket.

Wheel chair races: make it a priority. Don't allow the kids to put you in a home that doesn't allow it.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Congratulations to your in-laws! My in-laws had spent over 60 years married before my MIL passed away.

Since divorce was rampant on MY side of the family, I've always been extra impressed by that.

And I want the home we're in to offer bungee jumping.

Amrita said...

That 's glorious.My parents would have celebrated their 50th had my Dad been alive.

Its a real blessing from the Lord.