Friday, April 17, 2009

Go Jump In a Lake! (OK, It's Actually a River)

So today actually IS Friday (I've been thinking it's Friday since Wednesday, which makes for an incredibly long week) and this afternoon, me, my kids, the Boz dog and a few of their very lucky friends will be heading out of town. We're heading for a house, on the river and in the woods. My favorite place.

I've told the kids to pack their swim suits because they'll need them for the polar bear plunge tomorrow morning. I hope to be posting some most awesome video of four very wet, cold and probably screaming (once the initial shock wears off) kids. Good times. (Am I jumping in? Are you nuts? Besides, someone has to run the camera and I'm the only professional in the bunch.) Lucky for the kids, I made sure our house house a hot tub (I'm ultra cool that way) so they won't be Popsicles for too long.

If the weatherman is correct, we'll be enjoying lovely temperatures and sunny skies all weekend. If he's wrong, well, that would stink. Let's just hope he's right.

So, happy Friday to all my friends and I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Oh, and for all of you Boz fans out there, I'll do my best to get video of him chasing the squirrels. For now, I'll leave you with a replay of 'Boz, get the kitty!'


Helen said...

Cool. We both posted videos today! We are awesome!

Have fun on your weekend away!

Annie K said...

Helen, yes, we ARE awesome!

Diane said...

Have an amazing weekend!

I do the same thing with Sundance, but it's "get that rabbit!!" Cracks me up every time. I'm so easy.

Beth said...

I am not video awesome. I still owe everyone a snuggie video from months ago!!

sherri said...

Enjoy a refreshing weekend.

Love Boz!

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

I loved the Boz video. Esp when he races by, smiling at you as if to say "Hey Mom! Be right back! I'm gonna go check the fence!"

My dogs react the same way to:
Who is it?
Oh my goo-ness!
Where's the squirrel?
Go get 'em!
Do ya wanna go for a walk?
Do ya wanna?

And my personal favorite: me saying nothing while putting on tennis shoes.

Annie K said...

Are the dogs related? I come home from work, walk into the closet, take my shoes off, grab the tennies and Boz FREAKS. (Actually he's freaking the second I get close to the closet cause he knows the deal.)

katdish said...

Oh, that video NEVER gets old! Have a wonderful weekend!

Michelle said...

Annie K my friend have a sensational weekend with the kids and doggie!!!

I say jump in that river/lake!!! Take the plunge girl!!!