Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Honk If You Love Empty Nest

I had the most relaxing extended weekend in the most awesome place. Seriously. My pictures can't do it justice.

On the way home today Kenzi and I had a conversation and it went something like this:

Kenzi: I don't want to leave this place.

Me: If you lived out there would you miss the city (Bend is 80,000 which is BIG for us, but I know some of you are laughing!)and go nuts? Or would you like it?

Kenzi: I'm not much of a city girl mom. I like the small towns and out of the way places.

Me: So you like places the size of Sheridan (Wyoming - where we lived - and it was population 15,000)?

Kenzi: Sheridan was awesome and so was this place. Thanks for taking us there. I had a great time.

Kenzi is a girl after my own heart and I honestly don't know if she would be happy in the big city. While she hasn't experienced city life, I do know that she is drawn to people who live a more simple life, in small towns. In a year she will graduate and I guess time will tell where her heart really lies. I want her to experience the 'big city', but I want her to be true to her heart and end up where she is happiest.

~ ************ ~

As for empty nests....I couldn't have picked a more perfect weekend. Temps hovered around 80° and I was able to enjoy more wildlife than I could have imagined. We even almost ran over a coyote (ok, maybe it wasn't THAT close, but it ran across the road in front of us. If we lived out there we'd have to keep Boz close to home because he looks suspiciously close to a coyote...). So what does this have to do with an empty nest?

Remember the goose? Well, I started with this:

Mama goose so patiently sitting on her nest ALL weekend.

Then, I was totally awed when I opened the blinds and saw this:

Mama goose guarding and loving her just hatched babies.

Then yesterday afternoon, Killian and I heard a large 'thump' on the roof and it appeared that 'papa goose' had landed. Well, this morning, when I opened the blinds, this is what I saw:

Papa goose keeping watch (and believe me, he was watching ME!):

It was a little later, when I had crawled back into bed with my coffee and bible, to have my quiet time that I heard a huge commotion. Honking. Seriously. Have you ever heard two geese honking like crazy? So I jumped out of bed to look at the nest and saw this:

I raced out to the deck and ran back in to grab my camera because what I saw was mama and papa marching their little babies, all five little fluff balls, right down to the river...

Before we left, Kenzi and I took some left over bread and went down to feed the geese. Mama and papa were honking and the babies were just cheeping. What a totally amazing sound. And I believe that there is nothing but the hand of God that could have created the beauty and life I witnessed this past weekend. I am awed by the gift He gave ME to enjoy. All I can say is 'YAY God!'

And to all of my friends, I hope you can find the peace and blessings that God has planned for your life. Also, I want to extend the invitation for any of my blog friends to come visit me who long to see this place. As we say in Mexico, 'mi casa es su casa'. (Ok, I'm not Mexican, but if I can't be here, I'd be there...so...!)


PS -
While some of my friends find squirrels not so enjoyable, this little guy (yes, just a baby) was hanging out by the goose and found this branch the perfect place to nap.

PPS (or is it PSS?)
I will post more videos of Boz. I actually was videoing how peaceful the river was and he got in the video every time. Running around like crazy....Oy...


Michelle said...

Wow Annie K, what an amazing journey you witnessed. Really awesome. Family is family even if it is geese. We are all striving togetherness and love!!

Great post friend!

I may take you up on your offer - to come visit and see the beauty up close!!!

Thank you girlie!!!

sherri said...

Beautiful pics once again. And I'm with you and Kenzi- I'm a small town girl at heart.

What a precious site of the entire family going for a swim together.

I have the same experience of feeling more connected to my creator when I'm enjoying nature and watching these fascinating animals do their thing.

I would take pictures of my squirrels, but they would be x-rated because all they do is mate!

Not suitable for this young audience, sorry.

I would love to come visit you- can you just move Oregan a bit closer to Illinois? Please? For me?

Helen said...

So did you attempt to evangelize the squirrel?
The goose family was adorable.
So is yours.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I'm commenting as an entry to the free trip you're offering up there. Pick me! Pick me! I love geese! I can be there by Friday!

Diane said...

All the ducks in our park have hatched their babies... they are TOO cute... one mama had 16 with her the other day, but I was wondering if maybe she was duckling-sitting, as I've never seen so many (mostly they have between 4 and 6). Anyway, to-die-for cute!

Nick the Geek said...

Pretty cool. I personally find squirrels very enjoyable. Usually in gravy or dumplings ... You can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the Red Neck out of the boy.

Nick the Geek said...

Oh and I'll practically be in Oregon this summer for a week or so. Way north California between Eureka and Redding.

katdish said...


Nature is a constant reminder of the God of things big and small. Beautiful pictures. I would love to visit you up there. (Or anywhere, for that matter.)

Tony C said...

Great pictures!

The first picture looked like Heaven to me...

Billy Coffey said...

That looks, and sounds, like a wonderful trip.

And small towns are the best. Because that's where time slows and sometimes stops completely, leaving you with only the sky and the sun to tell time with.

I wouldn't trade my small town for anything.

Mare said...

Oh Annie...totally jealous. What an incredible place and what awesome wildlife. I'm so glad you were able to witness that. It sounds like a wonderful time...so peaceful.

Thanks for the pictures and can't wait to see more Boz!

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Such a great story to get to witness with the geese! I'm glad you had such a reviving time.

As for the squirrels... Let's just say I want them to nap FARTHER from my house than they currently do.