Friday, April 17, 2009

Dang, Boz Takes A Swim

I was not anticipating having some awesome video of Boz so early into the weekend, but alas, Boz did the plunge. He was getting a drink on a fairly steep part of the bank and Kenz scared him. Yep. SPLASH! I actually had to reach in and save him. This is probably a snort worthy video.

Oh, and this place is awesome, as you can tell from the pictures. I can't wait for the day that Jon is going to buy me a place in the woods and on the river. Happy Friday!


sherri said...

Poor Boz, has his "nature calls" captured on video!

This place is beautiful- take me with you next time!

Amrita said...

Fun video.

My sheeba also runs around the garden chasing imaginary goobycocks. i should try and capture her on video.

Your surroundings are very beautiful

Helen said...

I am glad you are having fun.

Steph @Red Clay Diaries said...

Oh, it looks so GORGEOUS there. And that's the sound of the river flowing in the background, right?

Have a great time!

Oh and Amrita, I love the word 'goobycocks'. (What does it mean?)

I plan to incorporate it into every conversation here today.

Annie K said...

Yes, Steph, THAT is the river you hear when my laughing isn't covering it up. ;)

And Amrita, goobycocks is an AWESOME word! I may have to try to get Boz to chase some of those!

Sherri - when you and Big Al come out we'll rent this place!

Good times here Helen.

katdish said...

Seriously...that is the cutest dog ever!

What a beautiful place! I went to the mall today (sigh).

Michelle said...

The photos are stunning!!

The video cracked me up so thanks for that!!

I want to go to there!!!