Thursday, March 12, 2009

You're Off The Ranthook

I was going to do a quasi-rant today but bagged that idea because I just feel crummy. I think I'm coming down with whatever Jon had (no, thank you) and so y'all are off the ranthook for now. Instead, I thought I'd just entertain you with a little Q & A session - kind of a 'let's get to know more about Annie than we already do or can ever care to know' exercise. Besides, it seems these types of things are taking over the world like the Dems are taking over Washington and I just want to play along. Scary. But, I digress.

What if cows gave root beer instead of milk? What if they just gave beer? At least cattle prices would be up.

If I could give one piece of advice to any person in history, that advice would be... Ted, don't go near the booze, women or Chappaquiddick.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Yep. First time I saw Jon, I was standing next to my brother and I said to him 'I'm going to marry that man.' Seems like 20 years ago.

What would happen if you grew taller than trees? How would this change your life? None of my clothes would fit. That would stink. Well, maybe not because I like buying clothes. Do they make them in size XXXXXXXL Tall?

What would you do if a bully bothered you on your way home? I'd call Kenz. She's had experience in beating them up. Seriously. You don't want to mess with her.

What do you think your friends say to each other when you're not around? Dang it's quiet around here.

What do you think about people who are inconsiderate of others? They annoy the heck out of me and I sometimes secretly wish they'll get some flat tires on the way home. (OK, not really, but they do annoy me.)

What would you do to entertain your family without spending any money? Be myself. I am the entertainment.

What three words would describe you right now? I feel crappy.

How do you feel when it's your birthday? Why? Everyone celebrates my birthday - which is really cool because it's on Cinco de Mayo. Viva Mexico!

How would you change the world to make it better? Get rid of Obama. Get rid of Pelosi. Get rid of everyone who passed the spendulus bill.

When you are angry, how do you look? Pissed off.

Who is your favourite Star Wars character? Chewbacca. Seriously. How cool would it be to have a snuggie rug everywhere you go.

Where would you prefer to be right now--mountains, desert, beach--and why? Yes.

Does it bother you to be around someone who has bad manners? You have no idea. Close your mouth when you chew already.

What is a good neighbour? One who doesn't call the cops on your kids when they're having a little bit of fun with fishing line, a teddy bear and and a skateboard. In the street.

What is something you are optimistic about? That Mexico will still be there come vacation time.

What is the best birthday present you could receive? A 1961 Impala.

What would you do if you were in the middle of the lake and your boat began to leak? Hope like heck I see Jesus on the shore.

What does Canada mean to you? The country up north eh.

Ok, enough of that. I'm off to Nyquildom and bed.


Helen said...

If I could give advice to anyone in history, I would suggest to Abe Lincoln that he spend good Friday praying the Stations of the Cross at church instead of going to the theatre. No?

Annie K said...

I don't know what Stations of the Cross are, but it sounds much better than Ford Theatre. That's for sure.

Beth said...

Feel better! I'm about 90% over the plague. And yes, Nyquil is our friend.

Michelle said...

Hi Annie K!!

How are you feeling? Great interview!! I felt like i was getting to know you just a bit more which is nice!!

I hope you feel better and have a great FRIDAY!!!!

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Get better! Good to learn some interesting trivia about you. (Totally want to read the fishing line/teddy bear/skateboard story!)

And if you're ever interested in power-washing your sinuses, I have a product to recommend...

sherri said...

Interesting reading. Sorry I'm here so late.
I have a used netti pot I bought at a rummage sale. Want me to mail it to you?
Get well soon & sweet dreams.

Annie K said...

Thanks for all the well-wishes.

Sherri, no need to send the netti pot. It's all in my chest. I sound like I've smoked two packs a day since I was 12. (Some call that a sexy voice...for me, not so much.)

Steph, I'm working on the Teddy Bear story. Let's call it Neighbor Relations 101.

katdish said...

Oh, darn! I love a good Annie-rant! Feel better!

Michelle said...

Annie K, I wanted to thank you for praying for Stacie!!! She is really having a hard time of it. I just hope our prayers are ENOUGH!