Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Boys Being Boys and Other Simple Stuff

A 'Beary' Interesting Situation
Not sure what got into my son and stepson this weekend as they have never really been ones to hang out with each other. And I don't know who came up with the idea, but it involved a large teddy bear, a skateboard and a gazillion feet of fishing line attached to the bear. I knew they were up to something, but at times I choose to be a completely irresponsible parent by not getting involved and let boys be boys. All I saw was our neighbor's big truck stopped front of our yard and the teddy bear moving slowly across the front yard. Apparently our neighbors lack a sense of humor and decided to take the bear hostage. When the lovely policewoman pulled up and took the bear out of her trunk I was laughing hysterically and it was all she could do to say with a straight face, "what the boys did isn't illegal and maybe they could just keep the bear on this side of the road." I don't think we've laughed so hard in a long time and our neighbors(those little rays of sunshine in the hood) really need to loosen up and have a sense of humor. After all, they do live a few doors down from one of most ridiculous blended families in the city.

Simplify. Life.
The message at church right now is about getting back to simple living. It's true that we are an over committed, overloaded, overworked, over accumulating and overwhelmed society that has overly complicated our lives. At my house are three TVs, four computers, closets full of clothes and who-knows-what-else, excess furniture, books, drawers of junk and that's just the beginning. Out back is a storage unit full of bikes, motorcycles, car parts, old paint, miscellaneous household and kid stuff, an enclosed trailer full of junk, a side shed and garage filled with more bikes, a law mower, some weed-eaters that don't work, unused camping gear, broken Christmas lights, more car stuff... and the list could go on. Most of it is unused,has been sitting for years and is clutter in our lives. On top of that are the hectic schedules, cell phones stuck to our ears and computers we take with us wherever we go. Jesus had the right idea - we don't need all of that to love God and love people. Simplifying doesn't seem like a bad idea.

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