Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My One Rant Before The Election

My parents have had four McCain-Palin signs stolen from their yard. Now I realize they live on the 'west side' of town which demographically leans more toward the liberal persuasion. But, as I recall, it has been the liberal voice who has ranted the loudest about their 1st Amendment right to free speech. Having a political sign in ones lawn is exercising their right to the 1st Amendment.

On my parents street there are probably three houses that have McCain-Palin signs and 897 that sport Obama signs. One has to uh-soom that it is some cowardly, liberal, lame-o trespassing on to their property in the dark of night and stealing their signs because at any given moment there are still 897 Obama signs in yards on their street. Interesting that none of those are disappearing. I'm just saying.

Apparently this is not a phenomenon happening only in Bend as I was sent this picture in an email.

I guess some people take their right to free speech VERY seriously, and they should. The extremely liberal ACLU has fought hard for them to put signs endorsing the Republican Presidential Candidate on their property.

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