Monday, October 20, 2008

Much Needed Hike

I had quite an exhausting week that included traveling via school bus to northern Oregon and then the coast - all within three days. Besides riding on a bus, I got to take my first ambulance ride ever (no, I was not the patient, just the ride-alongee) and the EMT's, doctors and nurses in Cottage Grove are definitely very cool people. I was a total heathen yesterday and didn't make it to church (I keep waiting for lightning to strike). In fact, I didn't even venture out of bed until after 10.

The day was not a complete waste though. Boz and I headed down to Meadow Camp as it was a fabulous fall day and I've missed hiking that trail (I'm one of those that hates paying the 'fee' because I'm so cheap and so I wait until mid-October when they finally put the black plastic trash bag over the trail fee sign). Boz was digging that the river wasn't so high and he could run around in the creek beds.

There is an old rusted truck out there in pieces and for some reason it fascinates me every time I walk by it.

I also came across a deer leg. Yeah, lovely. I took a picture of it just to show my son who is an avid hunter and so I can freak my daughter out. But I'll refrain from posting it here because that's the kind of gal I am.

I am thankful for fall days such as yesterday and that I live in an awesomely beautiful place where I can take full advantage of them. Soaking it up.

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