Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jesus's Top 10

Since I've known Jon his black hair has become a little more salt and pepper, but in a distinguished kind of way. I'm sure some of the gray is due to the fact that I've forgotten more than once to set the coffee pot the night before, and sometimes I throw my clean clothes on his pool table just because, or maybe it's hearing me yell 'Jooooonnn' from the bottom of the stairs in that most annoying voice and him thinking 'Dang, what now. Doesn't she know I just got my new Super Chevy magazine in the mail today?'. Regardless of the gray I may have caused, I know that I'm on Jon's Top 10 list. Some days I may be a little lower on the list than others but I'm OK with that.

There are times when the most ridiculous things pop into my head and it usually happens when I'm driving from point A to point B. Today I was thinking about Top 10 lists and thought to myself if Letterman has one, does Jesus have one too? If He did, what would be on it? Here is what I think it might look like.

1. God. (Duh).
2. Holy Spirit.
3. People - from all walks of life. He's very accepting and cool that way.
4. A 1961 Chevrolet Impala (Jon would argue that it is a 69' RS/SS Camaro in Cortez Silver with black SS stripes, but this is my list and he can put that on his own list).
5. Vacationing in Mexico. The people are awesome, the food is yum and Corona tastes better there. Ok...ok...he can turn the Corona into wine.
6. Volleyball is most definitely Jesus's favorite sport. You think he's not competitive? Jesus, Gabriel and the hosts of angels vs. Satan and his goons. That would be a barn burner!
7. Johnny Lang and DC Talk. I'm sure he likes the traditional hymns, but Johnny's got soul(!) and I know he jams to DC Talk. Boomin'.
8. Pepperoni pizza, Cibelli's style. Hey, there is more to food than just fishes and loaves.
9. The 'color' white. Not just because a zillion women are happy it's no longer taboo to wear it after Labor Day, but because it represents how much He loves us.
10. Bend, Oregon. Because He is the creator of beauty and let's face it...we live in an awesomely amazing place.

Is this absurd? Yes. But I think Jesus has a sense of humor. After all, He created us and we are ridiculous.

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