Friday, October 3, 2008

When Friday Starts Out Like Monday

After the morning I had, I was beginning to wonder if I missed the weekend and my Thursday went straight into Monday, or what. The alarm went off way too early and instead of hitting the snooze button 82 times I should have just set it for an hour later. And, because I got home so late last night and all I could think about was crawling into bed and sandwiching myself between my down-filled pillow top mattress and my down comforter, I forgot to set my coffee pot. I hate waking up and not being able to just push the button and presto, coffee. Normally when this happens, I pretend I'm sleeping and Jon will get up and make the coffee - but since he was out of town last night the task was all mine.

By the time I left the house I thought there was something amiss about the way I was seeing things - so I did the 'eye test' while driving in the dark on the way to work. It's the one where I think I may have gotten my contacts mixed up. Unfortunately, my vision is different in both eyes and yes, I have put the right contact in the left eye and vice versa. It's like one eye is really clear and the other is looking through a fish bowl. Crazy, I know. So I close my right eye and wow can I see really well with my left eye. I close my left eye and whoa, not so good. Yep, mixed them up. Just for fun, try switching out your contacts with no case to put them in or contact solution (you can't use spit - that's disgusting) while sitting at your desk. Good times.

Since Jon took my car out of town that means I get to drive the Ebay special. Right after Jon became the proud owner of a 69 Camaro he thought he should add a 70 Chevy short-box truck to his collection of one classic car. He found one on Ebay and in a moment of 'my husband will love me forever if I buy this for him compulsivity', I became the highest bidder of that flat-black lowered truck. (I'm still waiting to be surprised with a 61' Impala). I know guys into cars think it's cool to smell like a carburetor and oil, but the only time I've ever been OK with that was after riding my snowmobile. Not so much though when I'm walking into work. Somehow carbureted CK One just doesn't do it for me. When I got out of the truck, my key chain with all of my work keys got caught on something, broke, and yes, you guessed it, my keys flew everywhere. Luckily my cell phone makes a pretty good flashlight...

I am ready for the weekend no doubt.

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