Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh Happy Day

This is my absolutely ecstatic daughter at the wheel of her new 4-Runner (well, new to her but not new-new). If you click on the picture and zoom in on the head shot you can see just how big the smile actually is. When Jon and I were test driving this car a few days ago (we didn't tell my daughter we were looking at a car for her), my daughter called and said she had found the most amazing car. She started reading off the Craigslist posting and the crazy thing was, I happened to be driving the car she was talking about.

Jon and I decided to surprise her and when my daughter and I pulled in the driveway after getting home from our volleyball game last night the 4-Runner was parked in a spot on the side of the house that she couldn't see. When we walked in the house, Jon pulled some keys out of his pocket and handed them to my daughter and she totally freaked out. I mean, FREAKED OUT! If I would have had a video camera, I could have easily won $100,000 from America's Funniest Home Videos. She couldn't stop shrieking and laughing and hugging and laughing. I thought the neighbors would call 911 thinking someone next door was being attacked. It was the funniest thing. I think she called everyone in her phone book and told them about her new car. In fact, today when she was going to move the car into the driveway to detail it with Jon she was still giggly and jumping and shrieking and laughing about her new car.

While this isn't the best picture (the whole it's night and the shutter speed and whatever there is some blur), she's clapping her hands after hugging Jon and climbing in the car and asking him "can I sleep in here?"
This is good stuff! I love seeing a kid get excited like this. It's what life is all about!

Memories...good memories..!

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