Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where In The World Are You From

I have this really cool thing on my blog that shows me where people are from who visit my blog. Country, state, even down to the city and internet provider. I have had people from all over the world stop by - from places like Hungary and other European countries, Canada, Africa, India, China, Turkey as well as throughout the United States.

So now that you're stopping by my blog, I'd love to know who you are and where you're from. Feel free to leave your blog site (I allow shameless promotion of your blog on my blog!) so myself and others can check it out.

Sherri, you wanna go first...?!


Helen said...

I am from Chicago (okay, I actually live in a suburb completely surrounded by Chicago called Harwood Heights, but we are keeping that a secret so people think I am cooler than I really am, so sshhhh. I also want the anonymity among family and Church members in case I ever want to rag on them on my blog. Just being honest.).
Sherri is also from IL. She'll tell you from where, I am sure.

My wv is poles. How did you know I am half Polish. I usually don't brag about that...:-)

katdish said...

Well, since Helen cut in front of Sherri, I guess I will too. I'm from Katy, Texas; just a stone's throw from Houston. I was born in Virginia, but grew up in Houston. The weather stinks, the traffic is wretched, but the food and the friendliness of the people are top notch! And I want to know what that little gadget is, I have a cluster map, but it's not very accurate.

Annie K said...

Helen, as far as I know only cool people live in Harwood Heights. And the wv is tricky that way. I don't think I have any Polish in my background but some of my dad's family are from the Transylvania area. Seriously. (Don't say it.)

Katdish, it's Google Analytic. You can download that and then in the layout area of your blog you can add an HTML gadget and paste the anylytic code in there. It's pretty darn cool! Let me know if you need help with that. (My bro lives in Gloucester, VA - cool little town.)

Sherri said...

Ahem....cutters are rude!

But I will take the high road and forgive.

I'm from Southern Illinois and proud of it!

Picture the state of Illinois, and Helen's high class CHicago, and then imagine the complete opposite and you have just visited West FRankfort.

And, I'm sorry, but I HAVE TO SAY IT...TRANSYLVANIA?!
Look Elvira, we may have to end our friendship here. Today. With this post.

One question before I go.... just what kind of meat do you serve on Thanksgiving? While others are scrambling for the legs,breast or thighs, have you ever said, "I'll just take the neck."?

Nuff said.


Beth said...

Born in South Bend, Indiana. Grew up in Plymouth, IN. Went to college in Terre Haute, IN (four hours south of Plymouth). Stuck around the area and live in Sullivan, IN. Booor-ring.

But I lived in Spain for a whole semester, so that makes me cool, right? Right??? And I have family pretty much everywhere from Oregon to Honduras to Michigan to D.C.

Sherri said...

Yes, Spain makes you cool and me envious!
You'l have to write about your experiences on your site.

Mare said...

Current location Nigeria, but I hail from Pensacola, Fl (home of hurricane Ivan and many others. fun fun fun) where I spent all of my life pre-Africa.
When I return I will be heading to Evanston, Illinois (after two months in P'cola.)and am dreading the cold already. You northerners will have to give me some advice because I grew up in a beach town and then Africa...so...cold weather is my nightmare.

Helen said...

My dad was from a little town pronounced Felcherchatar. I couldn't spell it correctly if St. Peter made it a requirement before entering the Pearly Gates (though my dad would probably be standing behind him mouthing the letters for me). I get what you mean about the whole Transylvania thing. My mom's family didn't understand that Bram Stokes was not Hungarian, or Transylvanian. The whole vampire legend is not a Hungarian nor Transylvanian thing (though Vlad the Impaler gets some credit for inspiring the legend based on his cruelty). I had a s*****t with some friends of family member for making fun of their Hungarian neighbors for not knowing anything about vampires when "it is from their culture". It is a good thing Bob's cousin did not have carpeting in the livingroon. Cleaning up the blood from the wooden floors was so much easier than it would have been had the floors been carpeted..

Helen said...

BTW, the village I am talking about is on the western border of Hungary. It is actually walking distance to the Austrian border (which is how my dad left during the revolution). I mean I understand about the Transylvania issue because so many people assume vampires are a Hungarian legend, rather than an invention by their own culture.

Sherri said...

Helen and Aniie K.,

I certainly did not mean to offend either of you with the vampire thing. It was purely a joke, but probably not so funny to you.

I am Italian, and we joke about ourselves being referred to as "DEGOS" and our stereotypical GANGSTA (maffia) heritage. And the loud mouthed, hand talking shorties.
It really doesn't bother any of us- cause we know it's not true of us.
(Well, I'm short, loud mouthed and talk with my hands).

I forget that others may be more sensitive , so please, accept my sincere apology.

I often speak without thinking.

Helen said...

Don't worry about it. I didn't take offense. I did take offense at someone who made fun of a Hungarian that didn't get the joke because he didn't know the joke, but it doesn't bother me in general. In general, so long as people know that it isn't part of our culture for real, I can find it funny too.

Here is something funny. Most people find the Dracula accent scary. Not me. I find it melodious. (Although a bad accent does nothing for me. I have had to tell my husband more than once not to do the Dracula accent for me because he doesn't even come close to a Hungarian accent and sounds quite ridiculous, as do most people who try to imitate the accent (back me up there, will you Annie?)) . :-)

So please be assured I am not hurt, and I am sorry if I hurt you. We are all good with each other now, aren't we?

Helen said...

BTW I was just kidding about blood on the carpet. I am much gentler than that when I get violent...no blood....which anyone can see....maybe internal injuries but nothing exernal....:-) I am still kidding...

Sherri said...

I'm good.
I'm glad you're OK.
Now I can leave. (I told my cousin I would come help her clean and I couldn't leave till I knew I had asked forgiveness and everyone was OK.)

Love all of you ladies.

Annie K said...

I'm feeling a group hug coming on...

Helen, my dad has actually been to the town where his dad was born and has his 2nd grade report card from Hungary. The town sounds like Juliya (but I know that's not how it's spelled). He has never been to Rumania - where his mom is from. My mom's family is English, Irish, Welsh, etc. and we are related to Ethan Allen. I definitely take after my dad - the Eastern European runs pretty thick through my veins.

Mare, all I can say is find a good pair of mucklucks(sp?). If you don't know what those are, you will find out very quickly. Also, get a hat, gloves, scarves, long underwear.... you're gonna need it! I grew up in the mountains but lived in Savannah for less than a year and when I moved back to Bend I froze...for 3 years! I finally just started running in the crummy winter weather and the blood is a little thicker now. But I'm still kind of a sissy about it and prefer Mexico in the winter. ;)

Beth, you are cool like Mare because you've lived in a foreign country. Spain is someplace I really want to go. (I hear they make great wines!) (Helen and I will get along fabulously - I'll bring the wine!)

Katdish, I feel your pain. I've been to Texas. Nuff said. But the people were awesome - so that makes up for it.

Oh, no bugs here. Too cold and dry. That is a good thing. But we do have cheese. It's just frozen. ;)

Sherri, you are ridiculous and THAT is why we love you so much. (And the fact that Big Al had a 69' Camaro.) ;)

Mare said...


sounds scary. =)