Thursday, November 13, 2008

Arizona Here I Come

So I'm off to Arizona to visit my friend(that I've known since 5th grade) and her awesome family. It's 80 degrees there. Niiice! Steph told me tonight that she's treating me to a spa day on Saturday at some fantastically uber-gucci resort (uber is not normally in my vocabulary, but I've wanted to use it like cool people do and it seemed appropriate here) and then it's girlz shopping trip. Yesssss!

In my absence, please feel free to wander on over to a blog written by my very clever, witty and yes, sarcastic(I knew I liked her) friend Sherri. She likes to have fun, so a word of caution to the fun-haters...beware!

Carry on...check.

See ya in a few!


Sherri said...

There you go using that "S" word again.

Sacarsasm is what gets us shorties through the day. You can't even imagine the life.

Hope you have a wonderful trip. Sounds uber!

* Funny to read this post this morning and find you directing people to my sight since I had done the same on mine directing my visitors to Mare's sight. I wrote my post yesterday and set it to publish at 5:00 this morning. Then saw this. Neat.

Enjoy your weekend sistah- I'll try to treat your visitors with the upmost respect (tehe).

Annie K said...

Thanks Sherri - you're awesome!

I'll send you some pictures when I get back (not of the mud mask though...)!

Helen said...

Have fun in Arizona! Check out the Phoenix botanical garden if you get a chance. My husband and I went several years ago and we thought it was beautiful. However, we did go in the spring. And it rained before we got there. They had more rainfall than usual that year. Forget what I said. Do what you want. Have a good time. It is fun to see how many kinds of cactus there are...God bless you.

Annie K said...

Thanks Helen - I hope to enjoy my little trip to the fullest! (And praying for NO rain).

Helen said...

BTW My dad's named was Schaffer, and his mother's maiden name was Hoczel. He has cousins named Lakics and Kiss. More German and Croation than Hungarian sounding. My aunt married a man named Gyurus, which is definitely more Hungarian sounding.
The internet has made the world smaller, hasn't it?

Annie K said...

The world is indeed a small place Helen. When I get back we'll have to look into our family history. Could be interesting!

sherri said...

When are you coming Back already! I've been "babysitting" all of your visitors and I am EXAUSTED!

Next time you just "pick up and run", you need to ASK someone first, if it is OKAY. I had made other plans.

Well, later today I'm going to Nashville, so I'm gonna' see if Helen, KatDIsh or Beth will look after your visitors.

you could call in and check on everyone ya' know.

sherri said...

Welcome home!

Glad you had a good trip. We'll catch up later!

Helen said...

I'm glad you had a safe and happy trip.

Annie K said...

Please Buzz By Annie's