Thursday, December 11, 2008

No Fair Wear Is Here

It's here! It's finally here and it's big and it's huge! After 20 years of being an 'idea', we have the logo and are officially launching No Fair Wear! And we're inviting you to be a part of it!

What is No Fair Wear? Ever heard the whine of a sweet, precious child as they wail 'Nooooo faaaiiiir'?(Bummer...What are you going to do?) Well, No Fair Wear is everything in life that isn't fair. Yep, that's right. Life isn't fair and we're telling you all about it.

So, how can you be a part of No Fair Wear and what's in it for you? Well we are looking for some sassy, sarcastic and humorous (KEEP IT CLEAN!) sayings to put on adult and kid t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats and much, much more. If your sassy, sarcastic and humorous submission is selected you will receive an incredibly awesome t-shirt with your saying and some really cool No Fair Wear stickers to give to all of your friends. How brilliant is that?

So get those creative juices flowing and give us your best shot!


sherri said...

Congratulations my friend! This is WAY better than a coffee shop!

Here's my first, off the top of my head sarcastic remark:

A vampire bat sayin' "BITE ME!"

Okay, just kidding. Just HAD to say that!

All we need to do is go back through all our comments to each other- we're THE most sarcastic bunch I have ever seen! We could build an empire!

I'll start on that right now!

Thanks for the heads up!

sherri said...

"Short and tired of being BELITTLED!"

"Short happens!"

"SNARKY and proud it!"

"If you can live with that face who am I to complain?"

or here's the most unfair of all....

"I tried to sell the Illinois senate seat and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!"

(I think it would sell REALLY well here in MY STATE!)

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

I heard some sarcasm was needed here, and I dropped everything to rush over!

Are these gonna feature things KIDS say?

"You hate me!"

"*I'm* being good."

"Did NOT!"

I apparently used up all of today's sarcasm on MY blog. Sorry. I'll try to save some in reserve for you tomorrow.

Hmmm... Can you stockpile sarcasm? Or is it like manna?

Annie K said...

Steph, I think it's like manna...fresh every morning. (I hope you didn't drop a kid to come over here.) Yes, adult and KID stuff.

Sherri, you're right. Those would sell like hotcakes in your corrupt, er, I mean, in your state. I'm thinking the 'face' one is pretty darn funny.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Okay, now "all" my "fans" should come over now that you've invited them in my comments section.

Hope they don't crash your server!

No, I didn't drop a kid. Almost dropped my coffee though. Much more serious.

Annie K said...

I've got a backup server. I'm ready for em'. (And yeah, dropping the coffee is baaaaad.)

katdish said...

So just like that you want me to drop down some sarcasm?

What's my motivation? To whom am I being sarcastic to?

Do you think they told Michaelangelo, "Ahhh...just go paint some crap on the ceiling, we got water damage." (hey, that's not half bad!) But I want royalties, baby! Royalties!

Sherri said...

Pretend it's me you're being sarcastic to Katdish---let your sarcastic juices flow!

Annie K said...

Sure Katdish, it's all about you.
No Fair.

Beth said...

Ha, ha...Steph I almost dropped MY coffee when I read that. Hugely serious. Don't joke about coffee.

Here's a couple, but beware, my brain is still overtaxed from yesterday and not quite awake yet.

One for every woman ever:
"I asked for diamonds and I got this shirt? No fair."

For a girl:
"He ALWAYS gets to go first!"

For me:
"I have beautiful children. I also have sleep deprivation."

One for Kathy:
"This is my fancy outfit."

One for new moms:
"Don't hug me. My chest hurts and I smell like puke."

Sorry, that last one isn't too "clean." I'm going to go read something inspirational now....doody doody do.

Helen said...

How about a picture of a jail cell with the words "So many governors, so little room"

A T-shirt for Illinoisans saying "Just because we are young and cute, it doesn't mean we were born yesterday!"

"Senate seats don't just happen! (But grace does, repent Governor, repent!)"

One for Blagoyevich "(expletive) them!" That did make national news, the bleeps I mean, didn't it?

I'll work on it. Sherri and I have a million, don't we Sherri?

OOOH! One more! "Who are you vurpin' at?"

Helen said...

Picture of Pontius Pilate on a T-Shirt with written underneath "People like Rod Blagoyevich give Governors a bad name."

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

I vote for Helen's. Especially Pontius Pilate. You know HE's disgusted with Blagoywhatshisname.

I'm back from my marathon of sitting on uncomfortable backless stools in the school cafeteria. Only 3 hours. To see kids get stickers on hats.

Helen said...

Please check out Stacey From Loiusville's blog. (Not exactly SPOSP, it is someone else's blog).