Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Look Back At 2008

As 2008, comes to a close I pondered writing my obligatory resolutions post for about 2.3 seconds but decided that since I won't keep them anyway it would be a waste of time. Instead, I thought it would be F-U-N to take a look back and revisit some of the biggest stories of 2008.

1. The United States had an historic presidential election with the Republicans presenting their first ever female vice president candidate and the overwhelming majority of US voters electing the first black president to office.

2. Governor Blagojevich of Illinois was arrested on corruptions charges for trying to sell Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat to the highest bidder. This absurdly arrogant man is still thumbing his nose at every single American by refusing to relinquish his Governorship and going so far as to 'appoint' Roland Burris to fill the seat even as the Senate Dems vow to overturn his appointment. O'Reilly would call him a pinhead and I have to agree.(I can only imagine the 'mouth on the forehead' look this must cause Helen.)

3. New York's Elliot Spitzer's Governorship came to a screeching halt when it was brought to light that he was buying sex through an illegal prostitution ring. He 'got off' easy since no charges were filed against him. (Did I miss where prostitution was made legal in New York or something?)

4. China hosted the Summer Olympic Games and Michael Phelps became a record-setting swimming phenon winning a total of eight gold medals. That is awesomeness and he has a really cool mom.

5. Congress passed a $700 BILLION bailout for the financial world with no strings attached. Meaning the banks don't have to give an accounting of how they spend MY tax dollars. This ticks me off.

6. Oil hit $100/barrel then dropped to $40/barrel when the global recession hit.

7. An Iraqi reporter threw a shoe (at Bush). He should have thrown it at Blagojevich.

8. Plaxico Burress shot off his mouth in the off season about his football contract and then shot off his loaded gun while it was pointed at his foot.

9. The Duggar family welcomed their 18th bundle of joy.

10. Gas dropped from $4/gallon to $1.59/gallon (at least in Bend anyway).

11. I made some really cool friends and you can read their wickedly funny blogs by checking out my Blog Roll. (OK, maybe this wasn't Foxnews or CNN big, but it was to me.)

12. Paris is still Paris and now she has the Barbie Car she's always wanted, complete with monogrammed leather seats and pink wheels. Ridiculous.

13. Foreclosures are at an all-time high and unemployment is soaring.

14. Someone Googled 'Tom Cruise Carbonara Opera' and landed on Buzz By Annie's. Seriously. Maybe Tom Cruise makes a couch jumping amazing make-you-sing-like-Pavaroti carbonara but I'll take him on any day with my own recipe. I'm throwing down the challenge. Have his people call my people.

These are just a few of the highlights and lowlights of 2008. While it seems that there were more lows than highs this year, I like to dwell on the fact that I have my family, friends, health, home, happiness and a relationship with a really cool God that is bigger than any news going on in the world. I wish you all a very safe and blessed New Year and I hope you are filled much peace and happiness in 2009.


Beth said...

So I'm not the only one who loves Michael Phelps' mom?? :)

Annie K said...

Beth, I added a link about Michael Phelp's mom and how she handled her ADHD son. It's a really good read.

Beth said...

You're right! Good article! Thanks for the link.

Mare said...

I hate I'm missing out on those amazing gas prices...unbelievable.

Sherri said...

Annie, thanks for te memories!

This was good to look back on our year in a nut shell!

And yes, gotta' love Michael Phelp's Momma!

Sherri said...

"te memories" are a secret code /reference. IT'S NOT A TYPO!

Helen said...

Trust me, you don't want to see the mouth on my forehead look over this man. I saw myself in the mirror with it, got scared, cried and begged my own forgiveness. I should probably take a picture and send it to Blago. Do you think I would get arrested for threatening him with a look? What if he had a heart attack when he saw it? Would I be vilified by the media, or held up as a heroine and a patriot? What to do, what to do.
The bailout does not help my forehead mouth thing any either. I mean, how can I swallow them partying on my buck, while so many people need to pinch their pennies now. I would rather bail out the food pantry than AIG.
Meeting friends on the internet has been big news to me, too.

Annie K said...

Sherri - I picked up on the 'code' right away. ;)

Helen, I don't think you would be vilified...a martyr maybe? I think I'll party on my mortgage payment and then when the bank asks me where it is I'll tell them I already gave with the bailout. Probably not...

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Thanks for the retrospective. Even if some of it was kind of a downer. ;)

I'd like to discuss the Tom Cruise Carbonara Opera. Is that like a cross between Top Gun and a spaghetti western?


Annie K said...

Nicely played Steph. Nicely played.

katdish said...

Michael Phelps is ADHD? Cool. I swam competively for years, but my brother was the one that my mom encouraged the most. (He was really, really good.) Phelps' mom is now one of my heroes. Since I wasn't diagnosed until my early 20's, I'm sure my parents just thought I was lazy and scatterbrained. The thing that is often overlooked about people with ADD and ADHD is that we actually can be extremely focused on things that we love to do, and we often excel in those areas. My mom is always saying how surprised she is by my creativity; that I could never do anything as a kid (yeah, she actually says that). Whenever either one of my kids show an interest in something, I encourage them almost to the point of being annoying. The passionate pursuit of something that you love is one of the things that makes life beautiful.

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

@katdish, FIRST - What were you doing up at 7:30 am on New Year's Day? Or was it 6:30 your time?

Second, I like what you said. I encourage my kids to the point of annoying too. My family thought I was really smart cuz I loved academics and was really focused there. Couldn't keep track of anything else tho. Never officially diagnosed as ADD, but based on how I relate to you and others like you, I figure I probably am. ;)

WV: inituat
I was gonna say: How Sherri spells "initiate"
But this is better, and kinder to Sherri, which is one of my resolutions: An Eskimo initiation rite.

Annie K said...

Katdish, Jon was diagnosed ADHD as a kid and his parents always had him in sports and he raced BMX competitively for years. He is a truck broker and finds that when there are a zillion things going on at once it's way easier to work than if there aren't. I know that ADD/ADHD kids tend to be creative (we have 3 in our house) and sports are great for using up the energy. It's easy to focus on the negative / frustrating things about kids with ADD, they seem to have a bad rap because of the lack of focus, hyperactivity thing, but I find they seem to be take charge, creative, leader - type. Jon is great at solving problems because he can think outside the box, he's a very creative writer, witty... I liked the article because it shows the positive side of someone with ADHD!