Monday, January 19, 2009

Dear Mare

Dear Mare,

While I know my daughter would absolutely love you and I'm sure you two would have a great time bustin' some moves and all, I have 10 reasons why she probably won't be coming to visit you while you are living in Nigeria. Please don't take it personally.

Reason #1: Extreme Fear of Bugs

Reason #2-#10: Please see Reason #1...



Mare said...


Oh, that's hilarious!! I think your reasons will probably suffice, Nigeria is not the place for her. Although, those moves of hers might be able to be incorporated into dancing tithing time!

sherri said...

Tell Kenzie I'm with her!

Sorry Mare.

I Love you, but obviously NOT more than how much I'm terrified of bugs!

Annie K said...

Mare, her 'moves' kind of remind me of that Seinfeld episode...where Elaine is 'dancing' (and I use that word loosely).

Sherri, do you have similar moves?

Mulled Vine said...

My eldest daughter is like that. You just have to say spider and she jumps. :)

The clip is hilarious!!

Beth said...


I can do bugs most of the time. Let me tell you about the youth center cockroaches...

But I'm not so sure I can digest anything with goat's head in it.

Helen said...

Annie, your daughter is adorable. For me it's m-i-c-e that I can't deal with. I have no trouble killing spiders. I might have trouble with a roach if it was as big as a m-o-u-s-e.

Annie K said...

MV, I tried that. I was at the kitchen sink, she was in the other room and I said 'spider! spider!'. She screamed. I like messin' with her that way. ;)

katdish said...

Funny, stuff!

P. S. - Are you sure she's not Sherri's daughter?

Confession time: That's exactly what I did when a tree frog fell on my arm. (You don't have tree frogs in Chicago, do you Helen?)

sherri said...

Her moves look VERY familiar!

That little jig is called THE PHOBIA DANCE!

I got it down pat!

Annie K said...

I'll have to get that on video Sherri, could be some good stuff!