Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh Snap

It's been a crazy week and I haven't had a lot of time to write. Today, I'm home with a sick kid and trying to finish painting the trim in the office. I hate painting. Where's Katdish when I need her? Did I mention I hate painting? Especially trim around the windows. UGH!

So, before I huck the paint can out the window and because I obviously need a break from painting, I thought I'd share a few pictures of the trip that Jon and I took to Portland on Friday. I know how much you all like seeing the snow (especially Mare) and there was plenty of it as we were driving over the river and through the woods.

Visibility? Nope.

Oh yeah, much better.

River's looking mighty high for this time of year...

Jon giving me 'the look' because I'm snap happy with the camera...


Sherri said...

Don't tell Big AL, but I think your Jon is very handsome!

What beautiful pictures ANNIE. I LOVE those trees!

We're supposed to get snow in a day or two. Can't wait!

If it has to be cold, there needs to be snow.

Hey, if you haven't seen it already, Steph@ Red Clay's post title would be perfect for one of your t-shirts!

vw: flestier

The older I get, the flestier I get!

Helen said...

Sherri is right about all of the pictures. ;-) The visibility really did look scary.

Beth said...

Wow. I think the last time I was in Oregon was 10 years ago for my grandparents 50th anniversary. Tomorrow is their 60th! But I love the snow in the mountains. Can't say I would like driving in it, though. I'm not a good driver in snow on FLAT ground. :)

What'd you do in Portland?

Annie K said...

Beth, driving in the snow on flat ground is one thing - you are right about that. Mountains are another. I started taking the pictures and video because I am a horrible passenger in that stuff - it makes me nervous when I'm not driving (i.e. in control). Example:

Jon: I can take a better picture of the river.

Anne: You're driving.

Jon: I can do more than one thing at a time.

Anne: Did you notice the conditions you're driving in? And STOP MESSING WITH THE RADIO. WHAT STATION DO YOU WANT? (I think my voice has a little more 'stress' in it now.)

Jon: I don't like the static.

Anne: You drive. I'll fix the radio. (Jon is now rummaging through the console.) WHAT are you needing?

Jon: I was looking for that CD you have of Bo speaking.

Anne: I sent it to Mare. Just listen to the radio. Aren't you going a little too fast for the conditions?

Jon: I'm going 28.

Anne: Exactly.

Jon: *sigh*

Anne: Did you say something?

(Oh, and we went to visit our friends Derek and Nan. We've been best buds since we were 14 - she's the reason I have a love affair with Mexican food (her mom is from Mexico and I basically grew up with her familia in the restaurant...and 'mom' was also visiting and serving up homemade tortillas...beans, carne asada..oy!) and, Nan is expecting their first child - a boy- on May 6th... the day after my birthday. Yes, I'm a cinco de Mayo baby. It's fate.

Annie K said...

Sherri, your secret is safe with me. (wink..wink...)

Helen, it's just another walk in the park. (not really)

Helen said...

Twitter? I don't see your twitter on your blog? Did you twitter today? Twitter.

Dear Gabby said...

I've got some advice for you.

Don't let this guy get away!

*And look out if SHerri comes to visit. I'd stay REAL close and watch her like a hawk!

katdish said...

Well, I feel your pain. I love to paint, but I actually HATE painting baseboards and trim. Someone asked me for an estimate to paint all their doors and trim in their house. I quoted them one million dollars.

It drives me nuts when my dh tries to multi-task while driving! Checking your email while driving 70 mph in the rain on the freeway just can't be safe. If he saw me doing that, he'd burst a blood vessel in his head.

Mare said...

GOOD GRIEF! I can't believe you drove in that. I hope it was less like driving at first and more like creeping.

The end shots are gorgeous though. I guess...maybe...possibly...I might be able to admit...the cold might be worth that end picture. quite incredible.

hooray that your kindness in sending me the cd just might have saved your life. =)

Beth said...

I'm not a perfect driver by any means, but THANK GOODNESS I'm not the only one who freaks out when their husband does 18 things while driving. Frank's phone, nicknamed the "Hip Server," does about everything but make pancakes and sometimes I want to throw it out of the window when we go places because he's fiddling with the GPS on it...checking emails...seeing how much they want for that house for sale we just passed...AHHHH!

Ok. I feel better now.