Friday, January 9, 2009

The Tom Cruise Fan Club Or A Drunk Fly

I was tagged, I think, by Steph (since she so kindly mentioned me on her blog) to write seven things about myself that no one knows, or something like that. You may be wondering then, why the title of this post. Well, to be honest I needed a catchier title than '7 Things You May Not Know About Me' and I happened to think just this very morning how weird it was that someone googled Tom Cruise Carbonara (which I wrote about earlier and I'm still waiting for his people to call) and ended up on my site. And because 'If you googled porn and ended up here that must really suck for you' has already been used. The drunk fly? Well, there was a fly buzzing around in my bathroom this morning and he appeared to be intoxicated. Seriously, he could've blown a .583 breathalyzer test with the way he was flying. And, a live fly in Bend in the dead of winter is unheard of. Seriously, what is going on with that.

  1. I was once an army wife, for approximately six years, give or take (during my first marriage). I met some incredibly awesome people and still maintain several of those friendships today. Both of my kids were born at the hospital on Ft. Carson, Colorado (Colorado Springs) at a whopping cost of $14.95. (Because military, especially enlisted are so grossly underpaid for the sacrifices and commitment they make to their country the health care is a blessing.) While living in Colorado Springs, I worked for Focus on the Family and have a tremendous amount of respect for what they advocate and stand for where the family is concerned.

  2. Growing up I was the chubby kid that got teased or left out of the click because I wasn't cool enough. I think this is why I'm sensitive to the underdog and not very patient with the primadonna-diva types. Outwardly I appeared secure, but inwardly I was an insecure mess and extremely critical of myself. Stuff like that sticks with a person for a long time and it took years for me to be able to accept myself and not see myself as the rejected chubby kid.

  3. I am a pretty darn staunch, opinionated Republican(I know that may surprise some of you and please don't tell the union I have to unwillingly give my hard earned money to every month. Ok, I just broke the first rule of blogging - never talk about work). There are two things that one is never supposed to talk about at a party: politics and religion. I try to avoid both especially because I am so opinionated it keeps me from ticking off those who are of the opposite party lines, and the fact that some of my very close friends are extremely misled by the democratic party (the lack of capitalization is on purpose) and it saddens me greatly. I admire Dick Morris for finally coming to his senses about the Clintons and coming into the light. I think Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth - environmentalism / global warming platform is one big political, money making scheme and yes, I have done my research on global warming and all of the other things I'm opinionated about thank you very much (yes, I do recycle but I'm not falling into the 'going green' frenzy). For the most part, liberal Hollywood actors should stick to acting and keep their mouths closed when it comes to politics (namely Rosie, Rosanne, Michael Moore and Sean Penn - who met with Hugo Chavez and I consider a disgrace to America). Ok, enough political rant because I could go on and on and I'm sure I've offended some already but don't take it personally and I sound overly, well opinionated right now.

  4. After my divorce, I moved to Sheridan, Wyoming and after several months of living there decided to open and espresso bar and call it Buzz By Annie's. (You probably just had an ah-ha moment.) I had a business plan, financing and a pretty spectacular location in place but God chose to shut the door and bring me back to Bend. It's a long story about how I got there and coming back to Bend, but Jeremiah 29:11-14 were my verses of the year.

  5. When I was a kid I tried to become a 'lefty' just to be different and practiced writing and eating with my left hand. My writing never got better but I ate predominantly with my left hand, which I still do sometimes.

  6. When I was five, my grandma bought an old upright piano for me (which I still have) and I took lessons until I was a junior in high school. I sang my first solo in church when I was five and continued to do so until we left that church when I was a teenager. I also played the viola, flute and could blast out a pretty mean rendition of 'Hot Cross Buns' on the recorder.

  7. I have incredible parents that do missions work (handing out the Jesus Film with Campus Crusade) and they go to some pretty crazy places. In fact, my mom got everyone arrested in Turkey(a few days after they were arrested, they were up in the hills far from any town, hiking up to a monastery when my mom spotted something on the ground. She bent down to pick it up and it was a Monopoly 'Get Out of Jail Free' card. God has a sense of humor, no doubt). Last year they were in Palestine and met some pretty spectacular people. In fact, I've asked my dad to share about their experience there, in light of the recent events in Gaza, and I will be posting that in the next few days.

There you have it, seven things that may or may not change your perspective of me. I think I'm the last of the bunch to complete this thing, and so no tagging going on here.


Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Glad you could join in the revelry. And I totally love your random post title. Can't wait to see what kind of search engine traffic THAT brings you.

You have had a COOL life. Great to be getting to know you!

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A fatwa on sticky rice

Annie K said...

I think it's a great idea...crazy titles. Maybe I'll just have a week of fan clubs and see what pops up.

Beth said...

What did you do for Focus on the Family when you worked there? That's neat-o. :)

Hot Cross Buns on the recorder!! My sister and I used to drive our mom crazy with that.

Also, you have way cool parents. I know a guy on staff with Crusade that works with the Jesus film. I wonder if they've met?

Your seven things were a lot more informative than mine.

Annie K said...

Beth, I worked in Teleservices (I basically took requests for books, tapes and whatnot when listeners called in. And I also was a 'gatekeeper' for the not-so-pro-FOTF who called to voice their opinions against us. And here's a fun fact - we can call this #8 - when Dr. Dobson lived in California, and we would visit my grandma in the LA area, my dad would play basketball with Dr. D because they had a mutual friend. Dr. D's son Ryan had a tarantula and he showed it to us kids when we visited their house. FREAKED me out. I hate spiders.

Hey, I just thought of a #9. If I was a boy I was going to be named William. My mom wanted to call me 'little Will'.

What's your friends name at Campus? The always do their trips with Punkin. (Seriously, that's her name and your friend probably knows her.)

Dish This! said...

That is all really interesting, but first, can someone tell me how you know what people googled to get you? Okay, now I can begin.
1. I am fond of Focus on the Family. They do great stuff.
2. Not only was I the chubby kid, I am the chubby grown up.
3. I started out a Democrat. I was raised a Democrat. I think my dad might have listing Democrat on his forms in the hospital as his Religious offiliation. However, I became disillusioned with the whole partial birth abortion thing. Until then, I though they believed a fetus wasn't a baby in good faith. You know, didn't know any better. With PBA, how could they not? So I did a total about face.
4.Maybe you can still do the coffee shop thing someday.
5.That's interesting.
6.That is awesome! Good for you!
7. You should be proud of them.

Helen said...

Sorry Annie. I didn't mean to make you look schizophrenic. I forgot that I checked our gmail account.

Annie K said...

Thanks for clarifying that Helen. I don't want anyone to thing I have multiple personalities like Sherri...I mean

Gabby, Sherri , Ivanks, Maria and Bernadine, said...

We all think you're great!

Really, we are impressed by all the things you have done. Your life has been very interesting, and this was a very imformative post.

So...tell us...what are your feelings on the Clinton's?

veri word: abfoo

What we say when we decide that ab machine really isn't working!

Dear Gabby said...

Yes, Ivanka misspelled her name (she's only 4, let it be). Actually, she is the typist in the bunch, so now we understand all the typos on Sherri's comments.)

sherri said...

Annie, I did enjoy this post.

I don't mind that someone is a democrat, only when they vote that way!

My next door neighbor was Mike Adkins, who produced/starred in/wrote the movie "A Man Called Norman" which was distributed by Focus on the Family about 25 years ago. Big Al and I were in his second movie, "Seeds for the Harvest". They used my house, as well.

Children on sale for $14.95! Sweet! They should have done it all for FREE! I think the military should receive the same benefits as a president (including bodyguards) until they leave this planet!

You play the viola, flute and piano? I'm very jealous.

Can't imagine you ever having a weight issue. I have the same feeling though about growing up a skinny, kinky -haired redhead. Those poor self images want to hang on forever. I must say Annie, you are VERY BEAUTIFUL!

Annie K said...

Gabby, I try to keep my comments postitive, so I will have to refrain from sharing my opinions on the Clintons.

Sherri, That was a great movie (A Man Called Norman). I'll have to find the 2nd movie so I can see your house.

My brother is in on the blogging thing now and you should head over there and take a look, maybe say hey or something.

sherri said...

Your comment on "Dear Gabby" has been viewed and responded to on my site.