Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Old(er) Brother

Today is my brother's birthday. Yep, he's hitting the big 4-0 (don't worry Matthew, I'm right behind you). So everyone just wander on over to his place and throw down some birthday love and good cheer (keep it clean Katdish, he's got young children in the house).

(Matt is the 'petite' one on the right...)


Helen said...

I wished him a happy birthday. I hope you are having a great evening.

sherri said...

You're a good little sister.

Annie K said...

Thanks Helen - I am having a fantastic evening because it hit 50 degrees today (rubbing it in Sherri's face) and my skinny pants are fitting much better. Oh, and Blago is outta there. It's just so nice to see a little justice and I can only imagine the dance you're doing. ;) WWF baby...WWF!

Sherri, did you tell my brother that? Just wonderin'. Hey - how's the weather out there?

katdish said...

So, I started to post this really cute youtube video featuring the Beatles singing "They say it's your birthday", but at the end of the video a baby moons you and flips the bird, so I had to settle for a different one. Dang!

sherri said...

Annie, yes I left a message for him, but not that you were a good sister. I forgot.

Thanks for proudly displaying your stolen award.

I don't know why I'm saying thanks, cause I have no idea where it come from. I meant to say, "Cool."