Monday, February 16, 2009

Mixed Bag Monday

I had a rather serious post planned for this lovely Monday, but with the snow, fog and overall gloom that seems to be hanging over Bend today, I thought it would be better to just do something a little more fun.

Ever Googled yourself? Sometimes I just give myself a good Google to make sure there aren't any outstanding arrest warrants or bankruptcy filings in my name on the world-wide web. That would really stink big time, especially since I've already done time for all of my previous warrants. Just. Kidding. Actually, I was over at Michelle's blog and she had this crazy little deal that you just go to Google and type in your name and 'needs'. So I did. I apparently need a lot. Here's what happens when you type Anne needs:

1. win sexiest vegetarian. (How about sexiest carnivore instead?)
2. retire and seek therapy for her problems. (Yes, I do.)
3. ...Jesus (I've already got this one covered.)
4. ...Prayer (yes, and much of it.)
5. enhancements (That's what he said.)
6. ...a miracle (can I have two?)
7. ...breastfeeding 101 (Seriously.)
8. ...this (I don't know what 'this' is, but I hope it's good and nothing pornographic.)
9. ...a little color (I was just thinking it's time to book a trip to Mexico.)
10. ..immediate multiple emergency loans of at least $50. (I accept PayPal.)

Just so the rest of you will want to join in the f-u-n, I went ahead and did some Googling of my own to find out what some of my blog-o-buddies need. Here's what I came up with:

1. Steph needs someone to CoNfRoNt HeR (looks like the person that typed that needs to be confronted.)

2. Sherri needs some soap in her mouth. (I thought that was Katdish.)

3. Mary Ann needs to come chill. (You can chill in Bend. It's 26° today.)

4. Beth needs to get out of the house. (Hey, I'm just typing what I found on Google.)

5. Kat needs $$ to feed her heinous addiction to gummy worms. (No words...)

6. Helen needs a drink. (Ok, I'm not going to say it.)

7. Michelle needs Minnesota. (I don't know why. Minnesota is ridiculously cold this time of year. How about Mexico. Michelle needs Mexico. Better.)

8. Candy needs spellcheck. (Hey, I thought that was Sherri's).

Ok, so go ahead and play along. What happens when you Google "your name" needs. (Keep it clean....keep it clean. I don't want to hear about anyone needing a gerbil. Katdish.)


sherri said...

I did this earlier on Michelle's blog too!

Says I need:

1. A history lesson,(Okay, I'll watch the boring history channel with Big Al) straighten up (I am standing up straight. I'M JUST SHORT!!!)

3. THIS (I need it too Annie, it's probably nothing bad but I was afraid to look)

4. a MySpace video (how did they know?)

5. kefir grains (sounds healthy or like some famous actor)

6. Power analysis for one (doesn't sound fun at all- I like to do things WITH others)

Steph at The Red Clay Diaries said...

Oooo, I need to do this on my blog! I'll get on it this week!

And as for what you discovered about katdish... I too have no words.

And whoever said I needed to be confronted must've read the mean comment I left on Nick the Geek's blog today. I'm quite a pain, really.

Beth said...

Hey! I take offense, Google! I got off my sickly booty and went grocery shopping this evening at least. :)

Beth said...

Oooo...I also need sleep and to go back to school. I think someone's been spying on me.

katdish said...

katdish is not the one(s) who googled Richare Gere and gerbil...

Here's what katdish needs:

1. help getting her sh*t off...
2. a youtube intervention...
3. to get outta that hair sczrut...
4. our prayers...
5. an Olsteen intervention...
6. to stop blogging about HOT MONKEY SEX

This comment is OVER! Cuz people are talking about me on blogs I've never even heard of. Gotta go!

Helen said...

1) Helen needs the owner at 325 Crestwood to shut up a minute.. (not nice)
2) Helen needs an isolation room. (I am not sick..)
3) Helen needs our prayers. (Yes, I like for people to pray for me.)
4) Helen needs to frock off. (I am wearing a velour sweatsuit, not a frock….)
5) Helen needs redemption. (Jesus already redeemed me, but thank you)
6) Helen needs new glasses. (Okay, a little scary. My glasses broke a week ago, I superglued them together, and my husband has been nagging me to just go to the optical shop already….)
7) Helen needs a bigger trophy case. (Not yet, but a girl can dream…)
8) Helen needs a pee. (Apparently we all do, eventually….)
9) Helen needs some loving..(Got that, thanks. Bob does good…)
10) Helen needs a jacket. (Maybe at the post season sale....)

I eliminated stuff that was health related and tragic, like oxygen, a donor, etc. for obvious reasons.

I, too, did this at Michelle's blog yesterday, so I copied and pasted.

Annie K said...

Ooohhh...these are all so good!

Michelle said...

Michelle needs:
1) Your help (PLEASE)
2) constant proof of love. (YEP)
3) clearly needs to shut the f--k up. ..(DO I?)
4) had 2 go pee so bad (GOOGLE KNOWS ALL)
5) New Hairstylist (PERHAPS)
6) To find herself something to do other than dressing up & going to store openings & movie premieres (ITS FUN GOOGLE)
7) needs to start channeling Jackie O stat (Umm NO)
8) needs to keep that job and let Barack handle the white house by himself. (GO BARAK)
9) needs to do something to her eyebrows to correct that look of perpetual surprise. (I'm surprised)
10) needs to show some a$$. (wanna see?)

HA i love this!!! Makes me giggle!!

Annie K said...

Michelle, you found waaaay better stuff than I did!